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Monday, May 19, 2008

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  • China Begins Three-Day Mourning Period
    A week after an earthquake struck China's Sichuan province, the nation begins a period of mourning for the victims of the natural disaster.
  • Aftershock Fears Create More Chaos in Chengdu
    Thousands flee their homes in Chengdu, China, seeking shelter elsewhere after broadcast reports raise fears of a major aftershock from the devastating earthquake. People who gathered at a local soccer stadium tell their stories.
  • Chinese Families Face Reality, Adjust After Quake
    A week after the earthquake that devastated Sichuan province, Chinese families are living in makeshift tents in small villages like Red Flag near Gong Xing. According to the Chinese government, 100,000 tents have been sent to the disaster area and about 4.8 million people have been temporarily relocated.
  • High Court Upholds Broad Child Porn Law
    The Supreme Court has upheld a provision of a 2003 federal law making it a crime to promote child pornography — even fake child pornography. Opponents said the law was too broad and could apply to mainstream movies that depict adolescent sex.
  • Wars Hard on State Dept., Defense Chief Says
    Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expressing concern that the State Department has become stretched too thin by the diplomatic demands of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Gates is arguing for more resources for Foggy Bottom.
  • McCain Campaign Dogged by Funding, Lobbying Ties
    Arizona Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign is navigating another rough patch. The Republican finds himself tied to the lobbying industry, short on campaign cash and needing help from the Federal Election Commission, which he has called despicable.
  • Deportation Hearings Follow Iowa Raid
    Most of the 400 workers arrested last week in an immigration raid on a meat-packing plant in Postville, Iowa, face immediate deportation as court hearings begin. The raid affected roughly 10 percent of the town's population.
  • Boston Puts the Squeeze on Subway Gropers
    Using a decoy, posters, cameras and an undercover "grope patrol," Boston officials hope to deter subway riders whose contact with female passengers isn't accidental. The campaign has led to a record number of arrests over the past month.
  • Disaster Tests Local Chinese Congregation's Faith
    A week ago, a massive earthquake hit the province of Sichuan in southwestern China, damaging a Christian church in the city of Chengdu. A recent visit reveals that although the quake also rocked parishioners' faith, it did not destroy it.
  • Quake's Artistic Aftershocks: Chengdu Poetry
    Chengdu, China, is known as a city of writers — with an especially strong community of poets. Last week's earthquake already has made its mark. Poet He Xiaozhu says he wrote a poem about the quake both for those who died and as a way to release what's in his heart.

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