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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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  • Hamas, Fatah Clash in Gaza; Israel Strikes by Air
    Gaza saw a fourth day of intense fighting between the military wing of Hamas and forces loyal to Hamas's rival, Fatah. Then, yet another cease-fire was announced. The latest truce declaration came after a bloody day that left at least 15 Palestinians dead and dozens of others wounded.
  • Palestinian Groups Escalate Fighting
    Michele Norris talks with Daoud Kuttab, director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds University, and a columnist for The Jerusalem Post, Jordan Times, and other papers, about the Palestinian infighting.
  • Senate Rejects Bill to Cut War Funds in Early 2008
    Congress has the power to end the war in Iraq by cutting off funding, but a procedural vote in the Senate on Wednesday showed that it does not have the political will at this point. Senators rejected a measure to cut war funding by Mar. 31, 2008, by a 29-67 vote. In another vote, a majority supported a measure with benchmarks for the Iraqi government.
  • TV Upfronts: Ritual Gives Glimpse of Fall Shows
    Television networks have begun their annual ritual of presenting their fall seasons to advertisers. ABC is trying out a series based on the cavemen characters from the Geico commercials, while NBC is taking a supernatural angle.
  • MySpace, My Corporation, My Friend?
    Large companies are using social networking sites such as MySpace to market to young people. But they're not just buying ads; the companies create their own profiles in the hope that they will prove popularity. Youth Radio's Jordan Monroe reports that young people are pretty savvy about marketing — but they "friend" the fast-food and movie promos anyway.
  • Evangelical Voters May Be Up for Grabs in '08
    The death of the Rev. Jerry Falwell marks a changing of the guard for religious conservatives that's been under way for years. Younger Christians are becoming restive, interested in issues beyond abortion and gay rights. Some pollsters say theirs votes could be up for grabs in 2008.
  • Can a Debate Be Presidential in 2007?
    Crowded debates among the major-party presidential candidate should be abandoned in favor of more extensive, head-to-head debates between just the nominees.
  • Get Trombone. Add Water. Let the Magic Happen.
    Listener Brian Allen of Lake Jackson, Texas, offers a SoundClip of water in a trombone. Allen says he just wanted to hear what it sounded like; who can blame him for that?
  • Cartoonist: From Bloom County to Moms on Mars
    Mars Needs Moms! tells the story of Milo, a boy who re-evaluates the value of moms when Martians kidnap his mother. Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed talks about his book and the sacrifices parents make for their children.
  • U.S. Offers $200,000 Reward for Missing Soldiers
    The U.S. military is offering up to $200,000 for information leading to the return of three missing American soldiers in Iraq. The troops were captured Saturday by insurgents south of Baghdad. The offer is being advertised on 50,000 leaflets being distributed in the area where the soldiers disappeared.

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