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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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  • Government Data Reveals Wild Disparity In Health Care Costs
    Data released for the first time by the government on Wednesday shows that hospitals charge Medicare wildly differing amounts. Government officials said that some of the variation might reflect the fact that some patients were sicker or required longer hospitalization. These charges are not paid by the government or by insurers, who set rates and pay according to them regardless of charges set by hospitals.
  • Half Of States May Not Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare
    Florida is one of the latest states to decide to pass on the option to expand Medicaid coverage and have the feds pick up the tab. Over half of the states — including Texas and most of the states in the South — have decided against Medicaid expansion. We take a look at the consequences for hospitals and for millions of low-income Americans who, at least for now, will be left out of the healthcare overhaul.
  • Fitzgerald Might Disagree With His 'No Second Acts' Line
    Audie Cornish talks to Kirk Curnutt, vice president of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society, about the often misused and misquoted line, "there are no second acts in American lives." A whole generation of American politicians has fallen from grace, only to rise again and disprove the line — Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Eliot Spitzer and now South Carolina governor turned congressman, Mark Sanford.
  • Alex Ferguson: A Legendary Manager For An Iconic Franchise
    Alex Ferguson, who is stepping down after 27 years at the helm of Manchester United, is widely regarded as the most successful British soccer manager ever.
  • On Two New R&B Albums, An Old Soul Sound That Glows
    New York's Charles Bradley and London's James Hunter Six both mix inspiration and replication.
  • Teenage Diaries Revisited: From Kicking A Football To Kicking Meth
    Frankie Lewchuk was a high school football star whose picture was in his hometown newspaper every week. Years after graduating from high school, Frankie was back in the hometown paper, this time for drug-related crimes. Now, he's attempting to repair his life and his relationship with his family.
  • Push To End Teens' Distracted Driving Targets Parents, Peers
    Preliminary data show an increase in highway deaths among 16- and 17-year-olds last year. In response, the government is preaching a message of "don't text and drive" and has urged students to produce their own public service ads. Officials say parental involvement may be even more important.
  • 31 Suspects In 3 Nations Nabbed In $50 Million Diamond Heist
    The brazen robbery at Brussels' main airport on Feb. 18 was one of the biggest diamond heists ever. Authorities say some of the stones turned up in Switzerland. Suspects have been taken into custody there and in both France and Belgium.
  • Kidnapped Ohio Women Return Home To Families
    Charges are expected Wednesday in Cleveland, where three women who'd been missing for years have been rescued.
  • With Texas Trip, Obama Tries To Steer Focus Back To Economy
    It has been a difficult spring for the president. He couldn't get Congress to work with him on the sequester or gun control legislation. Now he appears to be making an effort to get back to the issues Americans say they care most about.

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