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Monday, April 23, 2012

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  • President Obama Takes Steps To End Mass Atrocities
    President Obama toured the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., on Monday with Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. In a speech there afterward, Obama announced a series of steps to prevent mass atrocities. An executive order signed last night targets those who use information and communication technology in pursuit of human rights abuses.
  • West Bank Outpost Ignites Political Battle
    Israel's highest court has ruled that Ulpana, a Jewish settlement outpost in the West Bank, was built on Palestinian land and should be torn down. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government is now looking for a way to keep it in place. The issue could threaten the survival of Netanyahu's government.
  • Teen's Suicide Prompts Anti-Bullying Editorial
    The Sioux City Journal ran a front page anti-bullying editorial on Sunday, days after a local teenager's suicide. Kenneth Weishuhn, came out several weeks ago, and the 14-year-old faced anti-gay sentiment and bullying afterwards. Melissa Block talks with Mitch Pugh the Iowa paper's editor, about the paper's decision to speak out.
  • In Digital Finance Race, Senate Uses Horse And Buggy
    Anyone in America with an Internet connection can know how much presidential candidates are raising and spending within minutes of each filing deadline. Ditto for House members. But the U.S. Senate still goes old school, with mailed-in paperwork, typewriters and a reading room with a photocopier.
  • Murdochs, News Corp Face Big Week Of Investigations
    This is a big week for Rupert and James Murdoch. The father and son face more questions from a wide-ranging judicial investigation into press abuses at British units of News Corporation: tabloid phone hacking, computer hacking and a police bribery scandal. Monday marked yet another embarrassing day for News Corp and the Murdochs as Sky News acknowledged it had hacked into the email of the target of two stories, despite explicitly telling the inquiry in September it had not been involved in any hacking.
  • Dutch PM Resigns, Clears Way For Elections
    Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, is tendering his government's resignation to Queen Beatrix Monday, clearing the way for elections. The decision comes after far-right politician Geert Wilders ended Rutte's majority in Parliament by withdrawing his support for planned budget cuts to meet European Union deficit limits. The government crisis has plunged the Netherlands into political uncertainty just as the eurozone sovereign debt crisis is heating up again. NPR's Philip Reeves has the story.
  • Europe Copes With Backlash Against Austerity Measures
    Robert Siegel talks with Anton La Guardia, the Brussels-based European Union correspondent for The Economist, about the backlash he's seeing against austerity measures throughout Europe.
  • Letters: Two Writers And Looking At Movie Quotes
    Melissa Block and Robert Siegel read emails from listeners.
  • Discovery Sparks Interest In Forgotten Black Scholar
    Three years ago, a Chicago man found historic documents in an abandoned house and took them to a rare-books dealer. The papers and books belonged to Richard T. Greener, a 19th century intellectual, who was the first African-American to graduate from Harvard University.
  • When Politicians Slip, Video Trackers Are There
    U.S. election campaigns have become gaffe-centric. Candidates live in fear of letting slip that sentence, or half-sentence, that makes the opposition's day. Catching those moments is the job of the video trackers. They're usually young people, fresh out of college, looking for a way into politics.

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