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Thursday, April 17, 2008

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  • Democrats Back on the Stump After Debate
    The Democratic presidential candidates went in different directions after Wednesday's debate in Pennsylvania. Sen. Hillary Clinton was in Philadelphia Thursday, while Sen. Barack Obama went south to Raleigh ahead of May's North Carolina primary.
  • Mitt Romney's Top Ten List
    Departed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, was a hit at the annual dinner of the Radio and Television Correspondents in Washington, D.C. He offered a "Top Ten" list of his reasons for leaving the White House race.
  • Former CIA Official Under Investigation over Tapes
    Jose Rodriguez, until recently the head of the CIA's clandestine service, is the target of two inquiries regarding the destruction of videotapes showing CIA officers using harsh interrogation methods. He has so far refused to talk with investigators without a promise of immunity.
  • 'Butterfly Effect' Theorist Lorenz Dies
    Meteorologist Edward Lorenz has died. He laid the foundations for the field of scientific study called chaos theory. He famously suggested that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could ultimately produce a tornado in Texas.
  • Taking the Temperature of a 'Weather Channel' Fan
    News that The Weather Channel is up for sale prompts a profile of one of the many fans of the privately owned cable TV operation.
  • 'CDO Squared Senior Tranche' Prompts Bank Woes
    For the third time in just a few months, Merrill Lynch has taken a huge, multi-billion-dollar "writedown" on its investments in mortgage-backed securities. Banks are suffering big losses because of one particular financial instrument: the CDO-squared senior tranche. What is it?
  • Citing Inflation, Vietnam Trims Rice Exports
    Vietnam has become the world's second-largest exporter of rice (after Thailand). But the effects of inflation have persuaded the Vietnamese government to cut back on rice exports.
  • Furor over Olympic Torch Hits India
    Heavy security surrounds the Olympic Torch procession in New Delhi as demonstrators opposed to China's stance on Tibet stage a parallel march.
  • Pets Carry Wide Range of Chemical Pollutants
    What if you stretched out on stain-resistant carpet and then licked yourself? The average dog harbors at least twice the level of a type of chemical pollutant found in people. A new report has found a wide range of industrial chemicals in household cats and dogs.
  • Flowering Predator on the Loose in a D.C. Garden
    A keen-eyed gardener delivers disappointing news to Michele Norris: The beautiful, beloved purple flowering plant in her garden is an invasive species that, if it spreads, could snuff out other plants in its wake.

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