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Monday, April 13, 2009

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  • Multi-National Task Force Focuses On Preventing Piracy
    With the hostage crisis at sea resolved, attention has turned to preventing future acts of piracy. U.S. Navy's Rear Adm. Michelle Howard, who took over command of a multi-national counter-piracy task force, tells Robert Siegel that the task force needs to define the areas where the pirates are working and focus on them.
  • U.S. Mulls Over Prosecution Options For Pirate
    The U.S. has the legal authority to bring the captive Somali pirate back here for trial. But American courts have never tried a Somali pirate before, and experts say there are some unique challenges.
  • Tax Expert Says Nearly Everyone Makes A Mistake
    The U.S. tax code is so complex that almost no one can file a tax return without making a mistake, according to New York University Law School Professor Deborah Schenk. On the eve of the April 15 tax deadline, Schenk gives Robert Siegel examples of common mistakes.
  • Internet Bandwidth Hogs May Soon Pay For It
    Consumers watching their cell phone minutes may soon have something else to worry about: their Internet usage. Time Warner Cable and other Internet providers are adding fees if customers exceed a set amount of bandwidth each month. User complaints are already starting to roll in.
  • Nationals' Groundskeeper Readies For Opening Day
    In Washington, D.C., a grounds crew raked the baselines and mowed the grass early Monday morning to prepare for opening day baseball game at Nationals Park. Groundskeeper Budgie Clark says getting the ballpark up and running for the season means, in part, making sure the clay is soft enough so the players don't get hurt.
  • Phillies Baseball Broadcaster Harry Kalas Dies
    Longtime baseball broadcaster Harry Kalas collapsed prior to Monday's Washington Nationals home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies and died. Robert Siegel remembers Kalas, a well-known voice of the Phillies.
  • Britain Struggles With Questions Of Identity
    A walk from London along the road to Canterbury reveals much about Britain's changing landscape. As immigration increases and the pillars of the old identity, such as empire and monarchy, have been eroded, many communities have withdrawn into a tribal loyalty, with the spotlight on Muslims.
  • Ship Operators, Insurers Nervous Over Pirate Woes
    The hostage drama involving ship Capt. Richard Phillips is over, but there's no sign that the piracy problem is going away in the Gulf of Aden. This has made ship owners and the companies that insure them worried about conducting business in the high seas.
  • Andras Schiff Surmounts Beethoven's Sonatas
    The thoughtful pianist describes the joys and pitfalls of spending the past few years playing all 32 of Beethoven's piano sonatas in chronological order in 20 cities around the world. Hear his final Los Angeles performance of the sonatas, at Walt Disney Hall.
  • Obama Lifts Trade, Travel Restrictions To Cuba
    The Obama administration Monday lifted certain trade and travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba. Obama will allow unlimited travel and money transfers between Cuban Americans and their family members in Cuba.

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