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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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  • Arguments End, Deliberation Begins For Health Care
    The three-day marathon at the Supreme Court is over. Wednesday the justices heard the last round of arguments over President Obama's health care law. Unlike the last two days, there were sessions in the morning and afternoon. NPR's Ari Shapiro joins host Melissa Block live to discuss the final day of Supreme Court arguments on the Affordable Care Act.
  • Decisions, Decisions: How Will Justices Make Them?
    The Supreme Court has finished up three days of hearings on the federal health care law, so what's next? How will the justices reach a decision? Host Melissa Block talks to attorney and former Supreme Court clerk Chris Walker for a behind-the-scenes look at the nation's highest court.
  • Pope Meets Fidel Castro, Wraps Up Visit To Cuba
    In the last public event of his three-day visit to the island, Pope Benedict XVI called on Cuba, and the world, to change and choose a path of "love, reconciliation and brotherhood." Benedict met with Fidel Castro before departing the island — but did not meet with dissidents.
  • How Oil Taxes Will Make A Mark On Campaigning
    Both Republicans and Democrats think they have the upper hand as the Senate takes up a bill that would end oil company tax breaks. NPR's David Welna explains how the debate in the Senate is likely to frame the debate this fall in the campaign.
  • Spring Brings Some Green Shoots In Housing Market
    Housing prices are still falling nationwide, but some analysts see reason for optimism in the real estate market. Home listings are dropping closer to healthy market levels, and some real estate agents report more interest among would-be buyers.
  • Supreme Court Limits Damage Payments To Whistle-Blowers
    By a 5-3 majority, the court ruled that people who sue the government for invading their privacy can only recover out-of-pocket damages. And whistle-blowers' lawyers say that leaves victims who suffer emotional trouble and smeared reputations with few if any options.
  • In-Flight Health: JetBlue Pilot Hits Breaking Point
    A pilot for JetBlue had to be subdued by passengers Tuesday after he left the cockpit mid-flight and went on a rant, screaming about Iraq and Israel. JetBlue has suspended the pilot, identified as Clayton Osbon, and has called this a "medical situation," which raises questions about psychological screening of commercial airline pilots. Host Melissa Block has more.
  • To Be Heard, Egypt's Bedouins Take Tourists Hostage
    After decades of neglect and abuse by Egypt's former regime, Bedouin tribesmen say they are kidnapping Western visitors in an attempt to force the government to meet basic needs such as running water. They say they aren't happy doing it, but they feel they have no choice.
  • Raindrops In Rock: Clues To A Perplexing Paradox
    Ancient fossilized raindrops may offer clues to a paradox that's perplexing scientists: the Earth's atmosphere 2.7 billion years ago was similar to the way it is now, even though the sun was younger and dimmer.
  • DVD Picks: 70 Years Of 'Casablanca'
    Film critic Bob Mondello recommends the 70th anniversary Blu-ray release of the movie that made Humphrey Bogart an icon.

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