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Monday, March 27, 2006

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  • Moussaoui Testifies He Was to Hijack Plane on 9/11
    At a sentencing trial to determine whether he will be executed or sentenced to life in prison, Zacarias Moussaoui takes the stand and testifies that he and would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid were supposed to hijack a fifth airplane on Sept. 11, 2001, and crash it into the White House.
  • U.S. Military, Iraq Leaders Disagree on Deadly Raid
    Shiite political leaders in Iraq are angry after this weekend's American-backed raid on a Shiite compound. The U.S. military and Shiite leaders disagree about the events that resulted in the death of at least 16 people. Shiite leaders have suspended talks on a new government because of the incident.
  • U.S. Choosing Acceptable Mix of Immigration
    Daniel Schorr, a senior news analyst at NPR, says that the current debate about immigration challenges Americans to decide what mix of legitimizing and criminalizing immigrants they are willing to accept.
  • Louisiana Investigating Red Cross, Humane Society
    New allegations of fraud involving Hurricane Katrina relief prompt Louisiana's attorney general to launch two investigations targeting the American Red Cross and the Humane Society for "widespread theft" in food and money distribution, and efforts to reunite pets with their owners.
  • George Mason Stuns NCAA with Place in Final Four
    George Mason University is the Cinderella team of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. The 11th seed Patriots stunned top-ranked Connecticut on Sunday to make it to the Final Four next weekend in Indianapolis.
  • George Mason a Cinderella Story? If the Shoe Fits...
    George Mason University's trip to the Final Four is being hailed as a Cinderella story. NPR book reviewer, Alan Cheuse, who teaches writing at George Mason, says that's not a bad way to look at it.
  • A Year to Live, A Year to Die
    At 48, Stewart Selman learned he had a malignant brain tumor. Faced with a grave diagnosis, Selman offered to keep an audio diary of his final year, leaving a record for his family. It took time, his wife says, before she could hear it.
  • Immigration Reform Tops Agenda in Washington
    President Bush and the U.S. Senate turn their attention to immigration as the president helps to swear in new citizens while a Senate committee writes a bill to control the flow of undocumented workers. The full Senate is expected to debate the issue for the next two weeks.
  • Immigration-Reform Protests Move to Capitol Hill
    Immigration-reform protesters take their rallies to Capitol Hill as the Senate begins a two-week process of debating changes to immigration laws. Massive rallies around the nation have protested legislation that would crack down on illegal immigrants.
  • Analyst Provides Primer on Immigration Reform
    David Martin, professor of law at the University of Virginia and formerly a general counsel at the INS, explains the terminology being used in the legislative debates around immigration.

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