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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Daniel SoderbergWhen diets don't work, children turn to surgery
    At age 12 and weighing 329 pounds, Daniel Soderberg became probably the youngest person in the world at the time to receive a gastric bypass to save his sight.4:50 p.m.
  • GOP lawmakersThe politics of health care reform, Minnesota version
    Minnesota Republicans are ramping up their criticism of the federal health care overhaul measure, which was signed into law Tuesday by President Obama. It's a clear signal that they hope to make it an issue in the November election.5:19 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Obama Signs Sweeping Health Care Bill Into Law
    President Obama signed the health care overhaul bill into law on Tuesday, capping a year of heated debate on the future of health insurance in this country. While the Senate still needs to wrap up some unfinished business on a bill to "fix" that new law this week, it's a major domestic policy coup for the president.
  • Cigna CEO Weighs In On New Health Law
    Health insurance companies stand to pick up millions of new customers as the new health care legislation takes effect. Robert Siegel talks to David Cordani, president and CEO of CIGNA Corp., about what the enactment of the overhaul means for the insurance industry and CIGNA in particular.
  • A History Of The Presidential Signing Pen
    When President Obama sat down to sign the health care bill into law, he warned: "This is gonna take a little while" — because the president used 22 pens to affix his signature to that one document, jotting down one tiny portion of a letter at a time. The president then began handing those pens out as souvenirs — many of them to legislators who helped steer the bill through. Melissa Block talks to Jim Kratsas, of the Gerald R. Ford Museum, about the tradition of giving away presidential signing pens.
  • The Unlikely Story Of One Poor Haitian Who Got Rich
    Ask Haitians for an example of someone who was born poor and became rich, and they all come up with the same name: Mathias Pierre. Pierre grew up profoundly poor without electricity or running water, but he thought big — and became a Haitian miracle.
  • British Reporters' Sting Snares Labour Politicians
    A sting operation by journalists in Britain has caught four lawmakers in the governing Labour Party on tape apparently offering to sell their political influence to what they thought was an American lobbying firm. They have been suspended while party officials investigate.
  • Doctors On What The Health Law Will Mean For Them
    Now that the health care bill has been signed into law, Melissa Block checks back in with two physicians we heard from last summer on health care issues. Family physician Greg Darrow is the medical director for the Jemez Pueblo Health Center in New Mexico. George Knaysi is a breast cancer surgeon in Richmond, Va. They talk about what they think the health care overhaul will mean for them and their patients.
  • Got A Question About Health Care? Send It In
    Many of you probably have questions about what's in the new health care law — and about what it means for you. Send your questions — and we'll answer some of them on air later this week. And be sure to put "Health Question" in the subject line.
  • Burning Away Cash: Pension Plight In Rhode Island
    The city of Cranston, R.I., used to operate a separate pension fund for hundreds of police and firefighters who contributed money from their paychecks to the fund. But instead of setting the money aside and investing it, the city spent it on operating expenses.
  • Letters: Buffalo Shootings, Va. Attorney General
    Robert Siegel and Melissa Block read from listeners' e-mails.
  • Olof Arnalds: Timeless Folk And Nursery Rhymes
    Icelandic singer-songwriter Olof Arnalds has made a name for herself in her homeland. With the recent release of her debut in the U.S., and a new album set to come out this spring, she's looking to gain international recognition.

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