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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Pawlenty introduces McCainPawlenty praises McCain in Iowa campaign stop
    Pawlenty is the co-chair of McCain's presidential exploratory committee and says he made the trip to give McCain encouragement. Pawlenty's latest trip increases speculation and criticism over his national ambitions.5:20 p.m.
  • Street FloodingFlood recedes but tempers rise in Browns Valley
    In Browns Valley some residents are still not able to get into their homes, a day after the Little Minnesota River sent icy waters rushing through town. Although flood waters are receding and that means many of the 100 or so residents evacuated Wednesday morning are starting to assess flood damage to their homes and property.5:24 p.m.
  • Filmmaker James Scurlock"Maxed Out" -- why we spend too much
    In his new documentary, "Maxed Out," filmmaker James Scurlock offers a look into the American tendency to spend beyond our means.5:54 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Leahy, Senate Panel to Subpoena Bush Officials
    The Senate Judiciary Committee votes to give Chairman Patrick Leahy the power to subpoena 11 current and former Bush administration officials regarding the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.
  • Democrats Get Mixed Results on Iraq Timetable
    Congressional Democrats hoping to end U.S. involvement in the war in Iraq move forward with a House funding bill that includes a deadline for a U.S. troop pullout. But Senate Republicans thwarted a binding resolution that included a timeline for redeployment offered by Senate Democrats.
  • Anti-War Groups Seek Breakthrough Moment
    Next Monday marks four years since the United States attacked Iraq. Anti-war groups are planning to protest the conflict over the next several days, at events in Washington, D.C., and around the country. But the anti-war movement struggles to reach the mainstream.
  • Cause of Autism Narrowed Down to 100 Genes
    A new study says autism may be caused by a mutation in any one of more than 100 genes. The finding suggests that autism has many causes, and that whatever triggers it usually occurs long before birth. The study appears in the journal Science.
  • Letters: Conservapedia, Torture and 'Someday'
    Michele Norris and Robert Siegel read from listeners' e-mails. We hear responses to our interview on the Web site; a reprimand for not warning listeners about a grisly bit of sound; and a mother's story about being moved to tears while driving home.
  • Seattle Offers Lessons in Bridging Achievement Gap
    Across America, schools are struggling to close the achievement gap between low-income and minority students and their white and more affluent peers. Seattle's efforts offer a window into just how challenging that can be.
  • Dogs Take Vow: To Serve and Herd Penguins
    On Middle Island off Australia, foxes were close to polishing off a colony of endangered Fairy penguins. Then chicken farmer Allan "Swampy" Marsh showed up with his penguin dogs. The canines turned out to do a great job of scaring off the foxes.
  • Austin DJ's Influence Extends Beyond SXSW
    There aren't too many regional DJs with national influence. Andy Langer is one of them. His show, The Next Big Thing, has played on Austin's KROX every Sunday for eight years. Now Langer has become an influential tastemaker.
  • Urban Poor Cope with Help from Informal Economy
    A Columbia University sociologist gives an inside view of informal economies which are central to life in the inner city. It's not just drug dealing and loan sharking that's off the books — it's child care, hair braiding, oil changes and house cleaning.
  • Getting Paid Off the Books in America
    On a recent day in Washington, D.C., Carlos Juarez of Guatemala waited on a street corner to find day labor. Juarez is part of America's underground economy. So are casual sports gamblers. Office worker Gary Gibbs, speaking at a Maryland sports bar, says that betting in an office pool might be illegal, but it's like jaywalking.

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