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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Norm ColemanColeman warns donors after data breach
    Republican Norm Coleman's campaign says it's the victim of a cyber-attack. Several Web sites are linking to what appear to be Coleman campaign spreadsheets which contain names, e-mail addresses and partial credit card numbers of contributors. It's unclear who is responsible.5:20 p.m.
  • Jail cellLocal officials want more control, fewer orders from the state
    With the state facing a $4.6 billion budget deficit, officials say it's inevitable that cities and counties will see some cuts in funding. In exchange, local officials want fewer mandates from the state telling them what they need to do.5:24 p.m.
  • Travelers insurance buildingTravelers' NYC address = HQ move?
    Minnesota's oldest company is changing its address. The Travelers Insurance Co. is still incorporated in St. Paul. But the insurance giant said recently its principal executive offices are now in New York City. Many business observers are see this as a headquarters shift.5:53 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • FBI Sheds Light On Missing Somali-Americans
    Law enforcement officials testifying before Congress on Wednesday said that nearly two dozen young Somali-Americans who disappeared from Minneapolis in the past year were radicalized and sent to Somalia to fight with an Islamic militia. They say the group that recruited them may have links to al-Qaida.
  • Freeman Explains His Intelligence Post Withdrawal
    Chas Freeman withdrew Tuesday his agreement to serve as President Obama's head of the National Intelligence Council. The U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia tells NPR he stepped aside because anything he was "associated with would be subject to fairly unscrupulous attack and criticism."
  • 'Sexting': A Disturbing New Teen Trend?
    One in five teens reportedly texts nude or partially nude photos to another teen. In at least four states, "sexting" kids are facing charges of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor. Many other states are grappling with how to handle the issue.
  • Obama Faces Democratic Opposition On Earmarks
    President Barack Obama's new proposals for earmarks are getting flak from his own party. Congressional Democrats — backed by some Republicans — say the Constitution gives them the power of the purse, and they'll use it as they see fit.
  • No Surprise In Democratic Resistance To Obama
    The Obama administration is having increasing difficulties getting major policy initiatives past the Democratic-controlled Congress. The party barons are displaying resistance to audacious budget proposals.
  • Letters: Morgan Oliver
    Listeners respond to the story on 23-year-old Morgan Oliver, who is having trouble finding a job despite having a college degree.
  • Obama To Tap Ex-New York Health Official To FDA
    Former New York City Health Commissioner Margaret "Peggy" Hamburg is expected to be President Barack Obama's nominee to head the Food and Drug Administration. Hamburg is currently with the Nuclear Threat Initiative in Washington.
  • AARP To Stop Matching 401(k) Contributions
    AARP has announced it will stop making contributions to its employees' 401(k) plans. The decision, which takes effect March 22, was not an easy one, says David Certner of AARP. Certner talks about why the company decided to drop the benefit.
  • What's Next For The Auto Industry?
    An end-of-the-month deadline set by the federal government looms for the auto industry and its rolling bailout. The urgency for the auto companies is slashing debt obligations — some $60 billion dollars at GM alone.
  • Say It Loud: I'm Hybrid And I'm Proud
    The United States was always a nation of hybrids, but acknowledging it was something else. Not until the 1970s did we allow the possibility that we could accept our roots and also be Americans. The age of the hyphen was upon us.

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