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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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  • Ahmadeinejad Denounces U.S. In Afghanistan
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid a visit to Kabul Wednesday and denounced the U.S. for "playing a double game" in Afghanistan. He was responding to remarks by Defense Secretary Robert Gates who left the city earlier in the day.
  • Armored Trucks Shield Marines From Taliban Bombs
    Every time Marines patrol Marjah in southern Afghanistan, they risk hitting homemade bombs planted by the Taliban. But the mine-resistant armored trucks that are replacing Humvees are reducing casualties from the blasts. One crew recently survived a run-in with at least 70 pounds of explosives.
  • Plan For Afghan Poppy Fields Examined
    The U.S.-led offensive in Marjah, Afghanistan, is taking place in a major opium-production center. Seth Jones, a political scientist with the Rand Corp. who was recently in Afghanistan, discusses what's going on with poppy producers and traffickers.
  • WWII Female Pilots Honored With Gold Medal
    A long-overlooked group of women who flew military aircraft during World War II were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on Wednesday. Known as Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASP, they were the first women to fly U.S. military planes.
  • Sebelius Urges Reluctant Insurers To Back Changes
    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told health insurers they risked losing consumers if they didn't work with the White House on a health care overhaul. But Karen Ignagni, the head of the insurance trade organization, said her group was eager to support an overhaul, just not this one.
  • House, Senate Tension Stalls Legislation
    The relationship between the House and the Senate is becoming heated, affecting Democratic efforts to get health care and other legislation passed. Norman Ornstein, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, offers his insight.
  • Draft National Education Standards Unveiled
    Schools took another big step toward an elusive goal: establishing basic education standards that could apply to nearly every student in the US. The draft proposal released Wednesday tries to unify what students need to know about English and math at each grade level. But supporters of the effort still face skepticism.
  • Chicago Tries Management-Style On Schools
    Some urban school systems are turning to the tough tactics businesses and law enforcement use to improve employee performance. The sometimes-contentious approach, known as performance management, has yielded promising results in Houston, New York and some other districts. In Chicago, it's forcing city educators to embrace a cultural revolution in how they go about their work.
  • A Decade Later, Nasdaq Is Half Its All-Time High
    The Nasdaq composite index hit an all-time high a decade ago today — but now the index is less than half of what it was. The stock exchange, home to many of the tech stocks that benefited from the dot-com boom, is still feeling the effects of the bust that left scars on the economy.
  • Remembering Actor Corey Haim
    Actor Corey Haim died in California at the age of 38. The Canadian-born actor rose to fame in the 1980s with the movies Lucas and the Lost Boys. He often starred alongside his friend Corey Feldman and the two became teen idols known as "the Two Coreys." Later, Haim struggled with drugs and never had an acting comeback.

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