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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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  • Romney: Impossible For Rivals To Win Nomination
    It took a lot of money and the margins were sometimes painfully slim, but Mitt Romney pulled out some important victories on Tuesday night in the race for the Republican nomination for President. Melissa Block talks to Ari Shapiro, who spent Wednesday at Romney headquarters in Boston.
  • Ohio Attorney General On Santorum Campaign
    Robert Siegel talks to Ohio Attorney General and Rick Santorum supporter Mike DeWine about the results of Super Tuesday.
  • Indianapolis Colts Release Manning From Team
    Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts are parting company. The team released the star quarterback Wednesday, rather than pay a $28 million bonus required by his contract. Manning missed last season with a neck injury and any teams interested in signing him will look closely at his health.
  • Vatican Orders Cleveland Parishes Reopened
    The Vatican is ordering the Diocese of Cleveland to open 13 parishes that had been closed. The decision might bode well for other parishes across the country that are appealing their closures.
  • Christians Provide Free Labor On Jewish Settlements
    Many evangelical Christians believe it is their duty to help Jews expand the Jewish state. They have provided money to help the settlements grow, and now they are coming to labor in the vineyards, which they see as fulfilling biblical scripture.
  • Longtime Rep. Kucinich Is Down, But Maybe Not Out
    Redistricting forced Rep. Dennis Kucinich to run against another incumbent Democrat in the primary, and he lost. But a reporter who's watched his career says not to count Kucinich out — losing isn't the strangest or worst thing to happen to the lifelong politician.
  • Fall Senate Races Shaping Up
    Political writer Shira Toeplitz of Roll Call talks with Melissa Block about the high profile Senate races taking shape in 2012.
  • Pakistan's Supreme Court Takes On Controversy
    Pakistan's Supreme Court — led by a firebrand chief justice — is increasingly asserting itself into the country's myriad social and political issues. Over the past few months, it has taken on issues as diverse as flogging, and land encroachment. But now it's wading into much deeper waters. It recently filed contempt charges against Pakistan's prime minister, and has taken the power military and intelligence agency to task over illegal detentions. Some are applauding the high court's actions, others fear the justices are going too far and may destabilize the country further.
  • Letters: On Belarus And 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'
    Robert Siegel and Melissa Block correct the record by reading emails from listeners who heard mistakes in Tuesday's program; one, about the geo-political state of Belarus, and the other about the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • A Struggling City Finds Inspiration In Classical Music
    The symphony of beleaguered Stockton, Calif., is premiering a new piece of music from Israeli composer Avner Dorman. Organizers say they hope it will help heal old wounds.

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