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Monday, March 7, 2011

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  • Libyan Rebels Struggle After Attack
    In eastern Libya, forces loyal to leader Moammar Gadhafi launched airstrikes against rebel positions in the oil port of Ras Lanuf. The westward push by anti-government rebels has stalled there, as the largely untrained volunteer force comes up against the superior firepower of the Gadhafi loyalists.
  • In Libya, Captured British Soldiers Released
    Six British SAS soldiers landed by helicopter at the dead of night in eastern Libya. They were carrying passports from several countries, guns and explosives. They were detained by rebels. And during two days of negotiations for their release, Britain's ambassador to Libya said they were there to "liaise" the opposition. But a lot of people aren't convinced by this version of events.
  • International Community Responds To Libyan Unrest
    The NATO Defense Ministers will meet this week in Brussels. Libya will likely top the agenda of the meetings. Host Melissa Block speaks with Ivo Daalder, the U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO, about Libya. Daalder says NATO's current focus is the humanitarian effort in the country and wouldn't enact a no-fly zone without UN support.
  • Effects Company Specializes In Giving Movies A 3-D Makeover
    Legend3D is a San Diego-based visual effects company that converts 2-D films to 3-D. The company can't hire fast enough to keep up with demand. They're hiring young talent fresh out of art school.
  • E-Book Tarnishes The Reader-Book Relationship
    Commentator Andrei Codrescu is upset that passages on his eBook reader are highlighted. This happens automatically by a crowd-sourcing program. Codrescu says it takes the privacy out of reading.
  • Obama Ends Ban On Military Trials At Guantanamo
    The policy establishes procedures for the handling of cases involving detainees who are not to be tried in either civilian or military courts but are still considered too dangerous to release. It reflects an acknowledgment by the administration that it will not be able to close the prison anytime soon. Host Robert Siegel talks to NPR's Dina Temple-Raston, who has the latest.
  • Court Rules For Death Row Inmate Seeking DNA Tests
    The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Texas must delay the execution of a man convicted of murder while the inmate seeks evidence for DNA testing. Henry "Hank" Skinner was sentenced to death 16 years ago in the killings of his girlfriend and her two sons. He was 45 minutes away from execution last year when the court agreed to hear his case.
  • Texas Tea Party Sues Over Census Districts
    In Texas, Tea Party activists are suing to change the way census figures are used to draw congressional districts. They say by including illegal immigrants in the count, the government is diluting the political power of citizens who live in districts without large illegal immigrant populations.
  • The Real Value Of 7 Million Facebook Fans
    For musicians, connections like Facebook friends and Twitter followers can turn into real cash.
  • Alaskans Win National Snow-Battlers Championship
    There was a new competition at the Fur Rendezvous festival in Anchorage, Alaska, this year: team snowball fighting. Thirty-two teams competed in the tournament. The winners — a team called the Rum Runners — have the chance to compete for the United States at the international competition in Japan next year. Host Melissa Block talks with Gary Ray, a co-captain of the Rum Runners.

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