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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • CorndumpEthanol a big factor, among several, driving up food prices
    Higher grain prices have driven up the cost of everything from chicken nuggets to bagels to lasagna. Demand for corn to feed the growing ethanol industry has received much of the blame for the rising food costs, but the corn-based fuel is not the only culprit.4:50 p.m.
  • Monte Carlo beach'The Counterfeiters' moral dilemma
    "The Counterfeiters," which won this year's Oscar for Best Foreign Language film, tells the true story of the largest counterfeiting operation in history. During World War II, Nazis formed a counterfeiting unit in a concentration camp that was staffed entirely by Jews, working under threat of death.4:54 p.m.
  • House of RepresentativesHouse passes $1B bond plan after gorilla fight
    The Minnesota House passed a nearly $1 billion bonding bill Thursday. Critics say it's too expensive and worked to strip some projects from the bill, including money for gorillas at the Como Zoo.5:20 p.m.
  • 3M's Cottage Grove plantResearcher says his study on 3M workers' health is inconclusive
    The lead investigator on a new study of 3M workers exposed to the perfluorochemical PFOA urges caution in interpreting its results.5:24 p.m.
  • Rep. Jim RamstadRamstad pushes for mental health parity
    Supporters of mental health parity in Congress are preparing to reconcile two different versions of legislation that would require insurers to cover mental health treatment the same way they cover physical ailments.5:50 p.m.
  • WelderMinnesota manfacturers put out the help wanted sign for skilled workers
    While one might think the slumping economy would be the top worry for manufacturers in Minnesota right now, many companies say their biggest concern is the lack of skilled workers available to make their products.5:55 p.m.
  • Working parents already lining up summer camp schedule
    It's not even spring, but parents and kids are already filling out applications for summer camp. For working parents, it can be tough to fill up a whole summer with activities. And a slumping economy only makes it harder.6:20 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Obama Ahead in Texas Caucuses
    More than 1 million Texas Democrats showed up at party caucuses that followed the primary Tuesday. The results continue to trickle in, with the latest tally showing a solid win by Sen. Barack Obama. He could end up winning more delegates in Texas than New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.
  • Democratic Attention Turns to Wyoming
    Wyoming, which holds its Democratic presidential caucus Saturday, hasn't voted for a Democrat in the general election in four decades. While that may not change this year, the fact remains: In the ongoing fight between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the nomination, Wyoming matters. Chad Baldwin, the state editor for the Casper Star-Tribune, talks with Melissa Block.
  • Democratic Rivals Accuse Media of Bias
    The Clinton campaign has accused the media of Obama-bias for weeks. Then, Saturday Night Live ran two skits making the same point — and now the Obama campaign says the press is giving Clinton an easy ride.
  • China Tries to Clean Up Air
    China is now the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Michele Norris, who is in Beijing, talks to Melissa Block about what the country is doing to combat climate change. Deborah Seligsohn of the World Resources Institute discusses the measures China is taking to clean up the air before the Summer Olympics.
  • Contaminant Suspected in Heparin Deaths
    The FDA is working to identify a contaminant in batches of the popular blood-thinner, Heparin, which may be associated with 19 deaths. Heparin is used in dialysis and heart procedures to stave off blood clots. Anna Wilde Mathews, who covers the FDA for The Wall Street Journal, talks with Melissa Block.
  • Army: Depression Increases After Multiple Tours
    The Army released its annual mental health survey Thursday and found that one in five soldiers deployed to Iraq suffer from some mental health problem. For those on second and third deployments, about a third suffer from mental health problems. The Army medical command is now recommending well times to match time deployed — an initiative that's opposed by the Bush administration.
  • Ahmadinejad's Iraq Visit a Setback for U.S.
    Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad visited Baghdad this week to show Iran's support for the Iraqi government. The visit can be seen as a major diplomatic setback for the United States.
  • Outlook for Oceans Bleak as Sea 'Deserts' Grow
    The region of the ocean with little plant life is known as "the desert of the sea." It's dramatically expanding, scientists say, and warmer oceans may be to blame.
  • Letters: Howard Dean, Anne Rice, Gas Usage
    Robert Siegel and Melissa Block read listener responses to the program. Many criticized what they heard in our interview with Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. We also hear reaction to a review of Anne Rice's latest book and to our report on some Americans using less gas.
  • Vampire Weekend's Debut Worth the Hype
    The New York band is enjoying the kind of buzz that most young musicians only dream of. It's just released its debut, and it's already been featured in The New York Times — and is about to appear on Saturday Night Live. The album is, surprisingly, worth the hype.

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