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Friday, March 2, 2012

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  • Santorum Faces Steep Challenge In Ohio
    Rick Santorum campaigned in Ohio Friday, ahead of the state's critical primary on Super Tuesday. On its face, Ohio would seem to be fertile ground for Santorum with its large numbers of evangelicals and Tea Party supporters. But Santorum faces a steep challenge — Romney and a superPAC supporting him are dramatically outspending all the candidates on the TV and radio airwaves.
  • Week In Politics: Super Tuesday, Israel And Iran
    Robert Siegel talks to our regular political commentators — " E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of the New York Times — about Super Tuesday, Israel and Iran.
  • Mexican Drug Cartel Targets Australia
    One of Mexico's most powerful criminal organizations has added a new market to its empire: Australia. The Sinaloa cartel is developing a booming cocaine trade in a country with an endless coastline and many harbors and ports.
  • Tourism Boom Pays Off For N.Y. Hotel Union
    A new contract for the city's hotel workers includes higher wages, health care benefits and pensions. And at a time when labor negotiations often involve drawn out and sometimes bitter fights, the contract was agreed upon early.
  • Wall Street Bonuses: The Other Side Of The Story
    Until this week, Andrew Schiff's personal finances were his own personal business. But that changed when he was featured in an article about how smaller bonuses are leaving Wall Street workers strapped for cash. "I didn't want to be a poster child for greed," he says.
  • Kansas Faces Opposition To Illegal Immigrant Law
    A Kansas coalition of conservative farm advocates and liberal social groups is pushing for a law that would create a state-sanctioned work program for illegal immigrants. Their fiercest opponent is the Kansas politician who wrote Arizona's law.
  • U.S. Men's Soccer Win Over Italy 'Historic'
    Audie Cornish talks with sportswriter Stefan Fatsis about this week's historic win by the U.S. men's soccer team against Italy.
  • 50 Years Later, No Rival To Basketball Scoring Record
    Fifty years ago on Friday, Wilt Chamberlin scored 100 points in a professional basketball game. Legendary players have come and gone in the NBA, but no one has come close to Chamberlain's record.
  • Humanitarian Crisis Worsens In Syria
    Activists in Syria say there is a growing humanitarian crisis in a former rebel stronghold in the central city of Homs. Rebel forces withdrew from the area on Thursday. Now the Syrian army has moved in and the government continues to deny access to aid agencies, including the International Red Cross.
  • U.S. To Israel: Iran Is Feeling Heat From Sanctions
    When they meet Monday, President Obama is expected to urge Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to delay any possible military action against Iran. Obama is likely to argue that the latest economic sanctions against Iran are having an impact.

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