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Friday, February 2, 2007

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  • Intel Report on Iraq Brings Different Interpretations
    The White House says the new National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq makes a good case for President Bush's troop build-up. But Democrats say the report shows how badly U.S. policy has failed.
  • Week in Politics: Iraq Intel, and the 2008 Race
    The week in Washington politics has included a Senate compromise on resolutions addressing the Iraq war, a fresh National Intelligence Estimate, and new contenders in the 2008 presidential race. Melissa Block talks with David Brooks, columnist for The New York Times, and Ruth Marcus, columnist at The Washington Post.
  • Duke President Takes Fire over Lacrosse Case
    Alumni of Duke University are criticizing Duke President Richard Brodhead for his response to the sexual assault allegations against members of the school's lacrosse team. Some say Brodhead mishandled the incident by judging the accused players. The university says the administration reacted well to a difficult situation.
  • My Father and Florida's Deadly Tornado
    Independent producer Dean Olsher's father's house in central Florida got hit by a tornado last night — while the two were in it. Plywood projectiles crashed through his window, while houses were completely demolished just two streets over.
  • Cashing Out: States Consider Privatizing Lottery
    Illinois and Indiana are moving to sell their lotteries to private operators who may be willing to pay billions to run the gambling monopolies. In Illinois, the governor says the state could get more than $10 billion — which he says would dramatically boost funding for schools and new school buildings. Critics complain that the state would be losing more than $600 million a year in lottery profits.
  • Long-Snappers May Help Decide Super Bowl
    The precise choreography between long snapper, holder and place-kicker on field goals and extra points doesn't get much attention during NFL games. That is, unless something goes very wrong. The Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts players who fill those roles are working to ensure that all goes smoothly in Sunday's Super Bowl.
  • Bears and Colts Enter Last Days Before Super Bowl
    Sunday's Super Bowl pits the NFC's Chicago Bears against the AFC's Indianapolis Colts. Robert Siegel talks with Wall Street Journal sportswriter Stefan Fatsis.
  • Happiness Amid Melancholy: Songs of Patty Griffin
    The songs of singer-songwriter Patty Griffin are full of heartbreak and longing — so much so that a friend recently challenged her to write a happy song. She discusses that song and her new CD, Children Running Through.
  • NIE Report: Iraq Not Likely to Be Stable by 2008
    The situation in Iraq is very bad and getting worse. That's the judgment of a new National Intelligence Estimate that represents the views of all 16 U.S. spy agencies. The report also says that Iraqi leaders will be "hard pressed" to stabilize the country by the middle of 2008.
  • A Democrat's View of the Intel Report on Iraq
    Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, says the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq "is saying that the situation in Iraq is even more grave than the president has laid out." Wyden, who has access to classified material beyond that released Friday, says "it is time to start bringing our people home."

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