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Monday, January 23, 2012

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  • GOP Candidates Prepare To Debate In Fla.
    NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson joins Melissa Block from Florida to discuss Monday night's Republican presidential debate.
  • Johnson Discusses Political Landscape In Fla.
    Robert Siegel talks to David Johnson, former executive director of Florida's Republican Party, about the state's political landscape — and what that means for the GOP presidential candidates.
  • In Egypt, Islamists Take Control Of A New Parliament
    The freely elected Parliament held its inaugural session in Cairo. There are high expectations, as well as concerns, about the agenda of the Islamist-dominated legislature, which will have a key role in writing a new constitution.
  • RIM Announces Management Shake-Up
    Research In Motion, the maker of Blackberry smart phones, used to be a dominant player. Now, it's looking like an also-ran. The company announced a management shake-up Monday, but the new guy won't have much time to pull off a turnaround.
  • Stanford Takes Online Schooling To The Next Academic Level
    Last semester, Stanford University professors tried something radically new: They opened their classes to the world for free. Within hours, thousands had signed up to participate. The classes' success could transform the way we look at higher education.
  • Tucson, Ariz., Reacts To Giffords Resignation
    Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is stepping down from her seat. She made the announcement Sunday, and Monday she spent time with the people who were with her last January when she was shot through the head at a community event in her home district.
  • First Hints That Stem Cells Can Help Patients Get Better
    Sue Freeman, 78, is one of two women who appear to have unexpectedly regained some of their vision while taking part in a study testing the safety of an embryonic stem-cell therapy. The findings, if confirmed, could mark a landmark step in stem cell therapy, but everyone involved in the work is being very cautious about how they describe these results.
  • In Battle For Hearts And Minds, Taliban Turn To CDs
    When they ruled Afghanistan, the Taliban outlawed CDs and DVDs on the grounds they were un-Islamic. But now the Taliban make their own CDs in an attempt to recruit Afghans to their side.
  • A Ball (And A Caldecott) For 'Daisy' The Dog
    A Ball for Daisy is a story of loss — a little dog loses her favorite red ball to a much larger dog — but now it's also a story about winning: On Monday, Chris Raschka's book won the American Library Association's Randolph Caldecott Medal for best illustrated story.
  • Tap-Dancing To 'Sixteen Tons' On The Hood
    In rural Minnesota, listener Veronica Horton made her own fun by dancing to Ernie Ford's classic song.

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