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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Local artists do what they can for Haiti
    In the wake of the earthquakes in Haiti, many Twin Cities artists have organized events to raise moeny for relief efforts.3:20 p.m.
  • Art HoundsArt Hounds
    Each week Minnesota Public Radio News asks three people from the Minnesota arts scene to be "Art Hounds." Their job is to step outside their own work and hunt down something exciting that's going on in local arts.4:44 p.m.
  • Supreme CourtMixed reaction over Supreme Court campaign finance ruling
    Campaign finance watchdogs in Minnesota and across the nation are blasting a Supreme Court ruling Thursday that they claim will dramatically expand the influence of big business and labor unions on elections.5:18 p.m.
  • State loses 4,100 jobs in December, jobless rate flat
    Minnesota's unemployment rate stayed flat in December, though the state lost 4,100 jobs during the month.5:23 p.m.
  • Cirrus Vision SF50Cirrus Aircraft looking at comeback after a rough few years
    Duluth airplane manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft has been through a couple of very challenging years, but company officials predict a turnaround this year and even a return to profitability.5:47 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Supreme Court Eases Campaign Finance Curbs
    In a sweeping decision, the Supreme Court struck down Thursday the ban on corporate spending on federal and state elections. The much-anticipated opinion opens the way potentially for hundreds of millions of dollars to be spent on this year's midterm elections.
  • Lawmakers Weigh Ruling On Campaign Finance
    Lawmakers on Capitol Hill lined up on opposite sides on Thursday's Supreme Court ruling lifting limits on corporate money in politics. Those who support campaign restrictions said they would offer new legislation quickly. Supporters said the Constitution had spoken. They all agreed, however, that the ruling is a game-changer.
  • A Cringe Moment For Brown's 'Available' Daughter
    Massachusetts senator-elect Scott Brown went off-script during his acceptance speech Tuesday, telling the country that his two daughters, 21-year-old Ayla and 19-year-old Arianna, are "available." To some, the moment was sweet. To others, it was awkward. And to Fox News host Glenn Beck, it was suspect.
  • Gates' Trust-Building Task In Pakistan Hits A Bump
    The Pakistani military said Thursday that it won't launch any new offensives against Islamist militants for at least another six months. The comments came during a visit to Pakistan by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who has pushed Pakistan to do more to combat militants.
  • U.S. Mideast Envoy Faces A Deadlock
    U.S. envoy George Mitchell is back in the Middle East, trying to revive peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. A series of demands from both sides have prevented a resumption of peace talks, and neither side is optimistic about the outcome.
  • Bail Burden Keeps U.S. Jails Stuffed With Inmates
    Two-thirds of the inmates in U.S. jails are petty, nonviolent offenders who are there for only one reason: They can't afford their bail. Sometimes, it's as little as $50. Some will wait behind bars for as long as a year before their cases make it to court. And it will cost taxpayers $9 billion this year to house them.
  • Obama Proposes New Banking Regulations
    President Obama called Thursday for new rules limiting the size and scope of Wall Street's biggest banks. The proposal would create new regulations on what banks can do with their own capital. Administration officials say they want to place firewalls between different divisions of financial companies so federally insured deposits can't be used to subsidize speculative trading.
  • Will Financial Regulations Have Desired Effect?
    What if anything will President Obama's proposal to rein in the big banks have on preventing further financial crises? Greg Ip, U.S. economics editor at the Economist, offers his insight.
  • Democrats Hope Scott Brown Has Moderate Streak
    Massachusetts Sen.-elect Scott Brown met Thursday with Republican and Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill. Brown insisted he represented all voters, but can Democrats count on courting him as a Yankee Republican? They are betting Brown needs to build a moderate record for a re-election bid looming the year after next.
  • Haitians Hoping For A Way Out Look To U.S. Embassy
    Haitians have been gathering in front of the U.S. embassy ever since the earthquake, desperate to get a flight out of their shattered country. Rumors are rife that almost any connection to the U.S. can win them a visa. But they are in for a disappointment.

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