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Thursday, January 19, 2012

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  • Politics Wrap-Up: Perry, Santorum, Gingrich's Ex-Wife
    A big day in presidential politics: Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropped out of the race. Certified results from the Iowa caucuses show former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum finished ahead of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, but party officials are calling it a tie. And Newt Gingrich's second wife sat down with ABC News for an interview about their marriage and messy divorce. All this comes on the same day the four remaining candidates gather in Charleston, S.C. for a debate. Robert Siegel discusses it all with NPR's Mara Liasson in Charleston.
  • New Results In Iowa Point To Virtual Tie
    The Iowa Republican Party Thursday certified the results from the Jan. 3 caucuses. They show Rick Santorum 34 votes ahead of Mitt Romney. The original results had Romney eight votes ahead of Santorum. But the party said a winner could not be declared, because the results from eight precincts could not be located for certification. Santorum claimed victory anyway.
  • Kodak Is In Bankruptcy, But Its Hometown Hasn't Lost Its Sparkle
    Adam Frank argues that Science and technology, driven by publically funded research at Universities across the country, represent our greatest hope for the future.
  • In Malaysia, Student Challenges Limits On Politics
    In the modern history of Asia, college students have often played a leading role in pushing for political reform. But in Malaysia, a 40-year-old law bans the country's college students from participating in politics. Adam Adli, 22, is leading a high-profile battle to abolish the law.
  • Johnny Otis, Rhythm And Blues Pioneer, Has Died
    The bandleader, radio and TV host and composer who wrote "Willie And The Hand Jive" also discovered many of R&B's greatest voices. Otis died Tuesday in his Los Angeles home.
  • Arab League Completes Initial Stage Of Syria Mission
    Anouar Male is a former Algerian political prisoner who went to Syria as one of the Arab League monitors. He quit this week, calling the mission a sham. Audie Cornish hears from him — and she talks to NPR's Peter Kenyon about the mission overall.
  • In Egypt's New Parliament, Women Will Be Scarce
    Many Egyptian women were hoping to see increased opportunities after the country's revolution. But in recent elections, few women were voted into Parliament.
  • Q&A: Why Such A Low Tax Rate For Romney?
    GOP candidate Mitt Romney says his effective tax rate is 15 percent. Why so low? The answer lies in a theory that if you tax investment too high, economic growth and job creation are discouraged. But it's somewhat controversial, not least because most of the people who get to pay that lower rate are well-off.
  • Book Review: 'Jack Holmes And His Friend'
    Noted novelist, essayist and biographer Edmund White has come out with a new work of fiction. It's called Jack Holmes And His Friend.
  • Kathleen Edwards: A Breakup Song's Bigger Picture
    There's a lot of heartbreak on the singer-songwriter's new album, Voyageur. But she says there's one song in particular that warrants reading between the lines.

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