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Thursday, January 12, 2012

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  • Amid Recent Criticism, Romney Pushes Back
    After facing an onslaught of criticism about his work as a venture capitalist, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney pushed back Thursday. At a press conference in South Carolina, he said jobs were created, thanks to his work at Bain Capital. NPR's Ari Shapiro joins Melissa Block from Greenville, S.C.
  • Obama Takes Aim At Republican Comments
    When President Obama talks about the causes of the recession and the road out of it, he has consistently found fault in the financial services industry — and stressed the importance of making things. Now, with the Republican presidential nomination within reach of former venture capitalist Mitt Romney, those same words from Obama can sound mighty pointed.
  • To Slow Climate Change, Cut Down On Soot, Ozone
    While carbon dioxide is indisputably a significant factor in the planet's changing climate, scientists and policy experts have faced major troubles in limiting production of the greenhouse gas. Now, some are focusing on other things that warm the planet, especially ozone and black carbon. And the tools to fight them are familiar.
  • Former S.D. Gov., U.S. Rep. William Janklow Dies
    Former South Dakota Gov. and Rep. William Janklow died Thursday after a short battle with brain cancer. Janklow is remembered as a combatant politician who many loved to hate. His political career ended after a car accident that killed a Minnesota motorcyclist. Janklow returned to the public eye last summer, though, when he threatened to sue the Army Corps of Engineers over flooding on the Missouri River.
  • Biggest Bucks In Health Care Are Spent On A Very Few
    Just 1 percent of the population accounted for 21.8 percent of all U.S. health spending in 2009. And just 5 percent accounted for half the total spending.
  • Ordinary Life Resurrected, Slowly, In Haiti
    Two years after a massive earthquake leveled Haiti's capital, more than a half-million people remain in tent camps and tons of rubble must still be cleared away. But there is reason for some optimism. Reconstruction is picking up, and the new government has created a sense of relative stability.
  • Walton Discusses Aftermath Of Haiti Quake
    Melissa Block talks to David Walton of the nonprofit group Partners in Health about the two-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.
  • Letters: Weissenberg Remembrance; Twinkies
    Melissa Block and Audie Cornish read emails from listeners.
  • Old South Rings Again In Boston
    A bell tolled Thursday at the Old South Meeting House in Boston for the first time since 1876. The meeting house was a Puritan gathering place where the Boston Tea Party was planned. Ben Franklin was baptized there. Thursday Bostonians heard a historic new bell — one cast by silversmith Paul Revere.
  • 'Intergalactic Nemesis': From Radio To Page To Stage
    Three actors, one foley artist, one keyboardist and 1,200 graphic novel images share the stage in the performance of this live-action, science-fiction graphic novel. The Intergalactic Nemesis started as a radio play, morphed into a graphic novel and is now a live performance that combines all of the above.

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