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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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  • Haitians Remember Quake Victims, Consider Future
    Numerous memorial services and Masses are taking place across Port-au-Prince Wednesday. But for many people, this anniversary is as much about this moment as it is about what happened a year ago.
  • A Year On The Front Lines In Haiti
    David Walton, deputy chief of mission to Haiti for the group Partners In Health, has spent much of the past year on the front lines in Haiti treating earthquake victims and working to stem the cholera epidemic. He's now involved in the building of a new hospital. He talks to NPR's Michele Norris about his work.
  • Puzzling Demise Of Arkansas' Red-Winged Blackbird
    Scientists who examine creature die-offs in the wild say Arkansas' blackbird demise seems different from others in the past five years.
  • Last Year: The Warmest On Record (Again)
    The year 2010 tied with 2005 as the warmest year on record. That makes 34 consecutive years where the global temperature was higher than the average temperature in the 20th century. Last year was also the wettest.
  • Flipper Bands Can Harm King Penguin Population
    The bands some researchers use to track the agile animals slows them down in the water. This results in lower survival rates and fewer chicks, a new study finds. "In other words, only the superathletes are surviving," one researcher says.
  • Suspect A Puzzle, Even Before Arizona Shooting
    People have been trying to figure Jared Loughner out since long before he was accused of killing six people and wounding more than a dozen others Saturday. Friends and neighbors describe odd behavior. But one former classmate says, "None of us were really afraid for our safety."
  • House Pays Tribute To Victims Of Arizona shooting
    It's a day of tributes and condolences in the U.S. House, where lawmakers are paying tribute to the victims of last Saturday's violence in Tucson. They are extolling their colleague Gabrielle Giffords, and they're saying lawmakers should remain accessible to constituents despite security concerns -- and perhaps should tone done the rhetoric.
  • Hezbollah Forces Collapse Of Lebanon's Government
    Lebanon's government has collapsed after the resignation of Cabinet members from the militant group Hezbollah. The move was prompted by a dispute over the U.N. probe into the 2005 murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Indictments are expected soon, and Hezbollah militants are expected to be named.
  • In 'Last Exit,' Brooklyn Is A Character, Too
    It may be graphic, it may be violent, but author and humorist Mishna Wolff has purchased no less than three copies of Hubert Selby Jr.'s Last Exit to Brooklyn. As much as she is revolted by the characters' flaws, she is inspired by their courage.
  • Former 'Practice Mom' Reflects On Experience
    Last week we heard about "practice babies" -- an unusual teaching tool used by American colleges and universities to teach female undergrads about home economics. The programs would use babies from local orphanages. Since the piece aired, we've heard from "practice mothers" and "practice babies" alike. Host Michele Norris speaks to one of them.

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