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Monday, January 4, 2010

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  • Clinton: Yemen Instability Threatens World
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday instability in Yemen is a threat to regional and global security. The U.S. Embassy in the country has been closed for two days, as the Obama administration assesses the threats from an al-Qaida affiliate based in Yemen.
  • Author Of GAO Report On TSA Discusses Security
    The Obama administration called for more random searches on U.S.-bound international flights, including pat-downs for anyone flying through or from nations with terrorist activity. Stephen M. Lord, author of a Government Accountability Office report on U.S. aviation security, says security must also focus on airport perimeter and access.
  • Study: Ski Resorts Tell Tall Tales About Deep Snow
    Two Dartmouth professors have proved what skiers and snowboarders have long suspected: Ski resorts overreport snowfall to attract customers. But new technology might begin to hold them more accountable. The study found that resorts reported 23 percent more snow on weekends, but didn't single out specific resorts.
  • For Veterans With Burns, A Virtual Reality Aid
    Hundreds of troops are returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with extensive combat burns. Now, an Army hospital in Texas is experimenting with a virtual reality program that can distract burn victims and help alleviate some of their pain.
  • World Awaits Release Of Google Phone
    Google is set to launch its much-anticipated phone at the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday. The phone, believed to be called Nexus One, has generated buzz ahead of the show in Las Vegas.
  • Egypt Temporarily Lifts Gaza Border Restrictions
    Since Sunday, Egypt has opened the only border the Gaza Strip shares with a country other than Israel. Busloads of people have been crossing in and out of Gaza, which has been blockaded by Israel since Hamas took control there more than two years ago.
  • Irish Befuddled By New Blasphemy Law
    A new blasphemy law went into effect in Ireland with the new year, and it was greeted with a certain amount of head-scratching. Uttering anything abusive about matters held sacred by any religion is now an offense punishable by a fine of some $35,000. The law was immediately challenged by atheist groups.
  • Study Tries To Track Louisiana Teachers' Success
    How do you train the best teachers? Leaders at the nation's teacher education programs don't know. The state of Louisiana has decided to figure this out, and the effort is attracting national attention -- and causing some local discomfort.
  • Letters: Blackwater, Music, Warranties
    Listeners respond to a story on the dismissal of charges against Blackwater guards, the piece on recorded music and on warranties.
  • Film Director Battles For Soul Of Chinese Cinema
    China's most famous film director aims to do battle with Hollywood for the China market with his latest film, a remake of the Coen brothers' Blood Simple. From art-house auteur, Zhang Yimou has transformed into the director of Beijing-sanctioned spectacles, including the ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.

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