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Monday, December 24, 2012

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  • Hagel Would Be First Former Enlisted Soldier To Run Pentagon
    President Obama may nominate former Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel to be the next defense secretary. The Vietnam veteran could bring a bipartisan presence to Obama's Cabinet, but only if he survives opposition from some in his own party.
  • U.S. Has Previously Called On Sen. Kerry In Diplomatic Crises
    Over the past few years, Sen. John Kerry has quietly made several trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan to help defuse diplomatic crises.
  • Christmas A Busy Season For Tamale-Makers
    Tamales are a holiday tradition for many Latinos. Some families will make their own. But others turn to tamaleros, tamale-makers who can churn out hundreds of tamales a week that taste even better than homemade.
  • Finding New Meaning In The Loss Of A Son
    Maya Thompson's son Ronan died of cancer three days before his fourth birthday. During his illness, she began a raw and sometimes angry blog that drew millions of readers. Thompson has since started a foundation and is funding clinical trials to find a cure for childhood cancer.
  • Detroit Three Look To Revive Their Luxury Brands
    GM, Ford and Chrysler are turning their focus to selling luxury cars — something they haven't succeeded at in decades. They're hoping that success in the competitive but lucrative luxury sector will signal that the U.S. auto industry's comeback is complete.
  • Lower Energy Prices Could Inspire U.S. Auto Industry Renaissance
    Robert Siegel reviews the top auto news of 2012 with Dan Neil, automotive columnist for The Wall Street Journal.
  • Another Year, Another 'Christmas With The Chipmunks'
    Like egg nog and advent calendars, Christmas songs pop up everywhere for a month and then disappear, only to be repackaged and resold 11 months later. Some of the biggest-selling and most frequently reissued holiday music of all time comes from three animated rodents.
  • Fact Checking 'Hitchcock': The Man, The Movie And The Myth
    Patrick McGilligan, author of Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light, evaluates the accuracy of the new Hitchcock biopic starring Anthony Hopkins. McGilligan says much of the film is a "creative and clever fiction" — but that's because "people would rather believe the legend" of the man.
  • No Breakthrough In Sight For Peaceful Transition In Syria
    Amid continued bloodshed in several parts of Syria, international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi held another round of talks with President Bashar Assad in Damascus. But there was no sign of progress toward a peace deal.
  • As Syrian War Grinds On, A Rebel Keeps Reinventing Himself
    Since the uprising began, Ibrahim Abazid has been a protester, a rebel fighter and an aid worker. Now he is looking to form a city council that could run his hometown in southern Syria.

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