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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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  • Energy Law Targets Fuel Economy, Alternatives
    The Energy Bill that President Bush signed into law Wednesday mandates an increase in automotive fuel efficiency for the first time in 32 years. Under the new law, cars, SUVs and small trucks must get at least 35 miles per gallon by 2020.
  • New Biofuel Mandate a Boon for Corn Farmers
    The newly passed energy bill is a boon to the ethanol industry and welcome news to many of America's corn farmers. Gregg Heide of Pomeroy, Iowa, who has been farming corn for more than 20 years, explains what the new bill could mean for his farm and his bottom line.
  • Energy Law Leaves Out Wind, Solar Tax Credits
    While the new energy bill delivers good news to those in the ethanol business, it disappoints many in the business of cultivating alternative energy sources — such as wind, solar and geothermal power.
  • Iraqi General Works to Transform National Police
    Few of Iraq's nascent security forces have been as reviled as the country's national police, which, critics say, has been infiltrated by death squads and is riddled with corruption. But the head of the beleaguered force is trying to turn it around.
  • Following Up on Lost Controversies of 2007
    News Analyst Daniel Schorr looks back at the year 2007 in Congress and wonders what ever happened to a number of issues that were big in the news at the time, but got a little lost in the shuffle later on. The controversies over earmarks, wiretapping, SCHIP and Larry Craig are some examples.
  • Trusted Adviser Recounts Obama's Evolution
    David Axelrod, chief media strategist for the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, is one of Obama's closest advisers. He knew the Illinois senator well before he entered into politics. Axelrod tells Michele Norris that Obama is a happy warrior on the campaign trail.
  • Herbal Remedies for What Ails the Candidates
    Contributor Mo Rocca went to one New York City natural health center with a list of some of the campaign ills that seem to be affecting presidential candidates — hot temper, lethargy, talking too much — to see whether holistic remedies exist.
  • California Farmers to Get One-Third Less Water
    Farmers across Southern California are bracing for a 30 percent cut in the amount of water they get for their crops. In the face of a record drought, managers of the region's water have put farmers on notice that the cuts start in January. Some growers say they'll have to chop down trees and plow under crops to make ends meet.
  • Preservation Hall Recordings Survive the Waterline
    The sound of New Orleans Jazz is unmistakable. If you're in the Crescent City, there's one place you're sure to find it: Preservation Hall. A new, jam-packed box set celebrates the Preservation Hall Jazz Band master tapes that survived Hurricane Katrina.
  • White House Knowledge of CIA Tapes Scrutinized
    The White House may have been more deeply involved than previously acknowledged in discussions about CIA videotapes showing harsh interrogation techniques and whether those tapes should be destroyed. The Justice Department and a federal judge are pursuing inquiries into the destruction of the videotapes.

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