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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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  • Laid-Off Furniture Workers Try To Leap To Google
    Two million manufacturing jobs have disappeared in the recession. Lenoir, N.C., was once known as the "Furniture Capitol of the South." But a handful of former furniture factory workers are trying to retrain for high-tech careers with the new company in town: Google.
  • For Octogenarian Pilot, Sky Is The Limit
    A few weeks ago, Anne Osmer left her home in Hendersonville, N.C., went to a local airfield, climbed into the cockpit of a Diamond DA20 and took off on her first-ever solo flight. Nothing unusual in that, except Osmer is 83 years old.
  • GOP Tries To Stall Health Care Debate
    As Democrats rush to finish a health care bill by Christmas, Republicans are reaching into a bag of parliamentary tricks to slam on the brakes. For more than three hours Wednesday, they forced the Senate clerk to read a single-payer amendment — all 767 pages of it — until it was withdrawn by its sponsor, Independent Bernie Sanders. Republican Tom Coburn, who demanded the reading, said he was only trying to follow regular order, but an aide to the minority leader put out a different message on Twitter: We're trying to kill the bill.
  • SEC Just Now Seeking Key Information On Meltdown
    Nearly three years into the worst financial crisis this country has seen since the Great Depression, the Securities and Exchange Commission has only recently begun to investigate some of the Wall Street players who were involved in decisions that led to the crisis.
  • France's Much-Vaunted Nuclear Program Draws Fire
    The French nuclear energy program, which provides about two-thirds of the nation's electricity, is much admired and held as a model of energy self-sufficiency by some observers. Critics say, however, the program is deeply flawed, with major cost over-runs and safety problems that have been covered up by the French government.
  • Icon Johnny Hallyday's Health Rivets French Media
    It seems all of France is focused on Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where singer Johnny Hallyday is being treated to correct problems from an earlier back surgery. The 66-year-old Hallyday is the country's biggest pop star and is sometimes called "the French Elvis." Xavier Yvon, a reporter with Radio Television Luxembourg who's part of the French stakeout in Los Angeles, discusses the singer.
  • Newly Discovered Planet Could Be A Watery World
    The planet orbits a red dwarf star 40 light-years from our Earth, and its surface may be covered in water. But scientists say conditions on this planet would probably be too extreme to support life as we know it.
  • Jeff Bridges' New 'Dude': A Fallen Country Star
    In Crazy Heart, Bridges plays a washed-up, alcoholic country singer who has been reduced to playing gigs in bowling alleys and dive bars. Though it's tempting to get drunk to play a drunk, Bridges advises against it: "I've made that mistake in the past," he says.
  • The Green Rush Is On In China
    China has emerged as the world's top producer of solar panels, and Western companies are eager to cash in on the country's urgent drive for renewable energy resources. It has the Obama administration worried.
  • Answering Listeners' Questions On Climate Summit
    Negotiators at the Copenhagen climate summit are facing an uphill task in their attempt to come up with a political agreement on global warming. Listeners ask how a developing nation is defined, about efforts by some countries to become carbon-free, the difference between global warming and climate change, and what to expect from the summit.

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