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Monday, December 12, 2011

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  • Obama, Maliki Pledge Cooperation After U.S. Pullout
    U.S. combat troops will soon be out of Iraq completely. But in a meeting with President Obama Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said a continued presence in his country is essential. The two sides pledged to maintain strong ties, but nagging concerns about security and neighboring Iran remain.
  • Perito: PRTs In Iraq Improved Over Time
    Melissa Block speaks with Robert Perito, the director of the Security Sector Governance Center at the U.S. Institute of Peace, about the effectiveness of Provincial Reconstruction Teams, or PRTs, in Iraq over the years. Perito says the teams had a lot of problems from the beginning, but they got better with time.
  • After Katrina, A Log Cabin In An Unlikely Place
    Gerald Brady's neighborhood in Arabi, La., was devastated by Katrina. His house — a log cabin built on eight-foot-high concrete piers — stands out so much that tourists come around to take pictures. He fought hard to build the unlikely house of his dreams in a most unusual place.
  • WSJ's Ante Discusses 'Flash Sale' Sites
    Melissa Block speaks with Spencer Ante, deputy bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal, about "flash sale" websites. The sites give bargain hunters a chance to buy high-end goods for low-end prices.
  • From Grindr Team, A Meet-'N'-Greet App For The Rest
    The entrepreneurs behind the popular "geosocial" app for gay men have launched a companion app designed for non-gay users.
  • Congress Pushes To Extend Payroll Tax
    Congress hopes to get out of town by this weekend, but first has to figure out how to deal with the payroll tax holiday. President Obama's main priority these past weeks has grudging support from many Republicans, who, in turn, are trying to exact concessions from Obama and Senate Democrats on GOP priorities. NPR congressional correspondent David Welna talks to Melissa Block about the latest maneuvering.
  • Two Make It Through Five Layoffs In Five Years
    Pink slips are one consequence of the recession that Al and Michelle Ford are all too familiar with. They both lost their jobs at the company they worked at together, and went through more layoffs a few years later. That can be a dark spot on a resume, which hiring managers are seeing more often.
  • At The Core Of Russia's Protests: The Middle Class
    Large protests over the weekend in many Russian cities marked discontent with the results of the recent elections there. Melissa Block talks with one of those demonstrators — a 29-year-old real estate lawyer named Dmitry Raev. This was his first time taking part in a demonstration. Raev points out that the middle class — lawyers, scientists and other professionals — seem to be driving the protests. He says these are people who have something to lose, and yet they are turning out in droves to express their long-held frustration with the political system.
  • Book Review: 'Birds Of Paradise'
    Birds of Paradise is a new novel by Diana Abu-Jaber. It depicts the complicated life of a family in Miami whose daughter runs away at 15.
  • Who Are The Young Farmers Of 'Generation Organic'?
    There's a surge of youthful vigor into American agriculture — at least in the corner devoted to organic, local food. Thousands of idealistic young people who've never farmed before are trying it out.

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