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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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  • Obama Defends Tax Cut Compromise
    President Obama held an unexpected news conference Tuesday afternoon to defend the tax cut deal he made with Republican leaders on Monday. Democrats of all stripes are angry about extending the Bush tax cuts to Americans earning more than $250,000. But Obama said he had little choice, since Republicans were effectively holding middle-class tax cuts "hostage." For more, host Guy Raz talks to NPR's Scott Horsley.
  • WikiLeaks' Assange Jailed; Vows To Fight Extradition
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was behind bars in Britain on Tuesday, after the 39-year-old Australian voluntarily reported to British police, who arrested him on a Swedish warrant for sex-related allegations, including rape. Assange, who denies the Swedish allegations, now appears to be gearing up for a long fight against extradition.
  • The Swedish Case Against Assange
    NPR's Melissa Block talks to Mark Hosenball of Reuters about the Swedish case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
  • Iran Nuclear Talks End With Deal For More Talks
    In Geneva, a day and a half of talks about Iran's suspected nuclear program ended Tuesday with an agreement to talk again. That meeting will come next month -- in Turkey. But Iran made no attempt to ease international fears that it is pursuing a nuclear weapon.
  • Gates Visits Afghanistan Ahead Of War Review
    The defense secretary toured eastern Kunar province and met with U.S. troops battling insurgents near the Pakistan border. The Obama administration is expected to unveil a major review of the war effort later this month.
  • Veteran Accused Of Stalking Westboro Church
    In Wichita, Kan., 26-year-old Ryan Newell -- a veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan -- has been charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated battery and other crimes against Westboro Baptist Church. Church members have been staging protests at soldiers' funerals, saying that the death of soldiers is God's way of punishing the country for homosexuality. For more, NPR's Guy Raz talks to Tim Potter of the Wichita Eagle.
  • Supreme Court Weighs Limits On Retaliation Ban
    Federal law makes it illegal to retaliate against employees who file discrimination charges. But can your boss legally retaliate by firing your fiance or a family member? That was the question before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday.
  • Arresting Youth In Sex Trafficking Raises Debate
    In Oakland, Calif., known as a center for sex trafficking in children, police used to put a priority on arresting johns. But with cuts in funding the police now target the children who've been trafficked for sex. Prosecutors say arresting the victims is actually a way to save them. Some children's advocates disagree.
  • Bird Feeding Tips For The Urban Yard
    Bill Thompson, editor of Bird Watcher's Digest, visited Melissa Block's urban backyard in Washington, D.C., for a bird-feeding makeover. He offers tips to attract more birds -- from cleaning the bird feeder to ditching the lawn-care company and putting out high-fat bird food.
  • London's Turner Prize Goes To Sound Installation
    Susan Philipsz's recording of her own voice singing a Scottish ballad won the prize this year.

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