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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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  • Biden Arrives In Beijing As Trouble Brews Over The East China Sea
    Vice President Joe Biden arrives in Beijing tonight from Tokyo, part of an Asian tour that has been dominated by tensions in the East China Sea. Both Japan and the U.S. have deplored China's new air defense identification zone, which covers an area that includes disputed islands under Japanese control.
  • For First Time, Americans Say U.S. Power In The World Is Declining
    For the first time in 40 years, a majority of Americans say that the U.S. plays a less important and powerful role as a world leader than it did a decade ago, according to Pew's America's Place in the World poll. The Pew poll also finds that more Americans disapprove than approve of President Obama's handling of foreign policy. Robert Siegel talks about the poll results with Michael Dimock, director of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, to make sense of what the results might mean.
  • Why Chaucer Said 'Ax' Instead Of 'Ask,' And Why Some Still Do
    People often question why some pronounce the word "ask" as "ax." We axed several linguists, and it turns out that "ax" has long been an accepted form of the word, used by English speakers for more than a thousand years.
  • Washington State Growers Roll The Dice On New Pot Licenses
    The deadline to apply to legally grow and sell pot is coming up in Washington, but growers are finding there are pros and cons to going legit. Applicants must invest big money to qualify for a license, and it's unclear what the new system will mean for existing medical growers.
  • 27 Years Ago, Keith Jarrett Was A One-Man Band
    In 1986, the iconic jazz pianist experimented with drums, bass and electric guitar in his home studio. Decades later, he's finally released the tapes. Reviewer Banning Eyre says that on No End, Jarrett seems to cherish rediscovering a side of his younger self.
  • Two Sisters, A Small Room And The World Behind A T-Shirt
    The rise of factory jobs in Bangladesh has brought profound cultural changes to the country — and to the lives of two sisters who made the Planet Money T-shirt.
  • Some Turkish Churches Get Makeovers — As Mosques
    A fifth century Byzantine monastery in Turkey is finally slated for renovation. But the government wants to turn it into a mosque. It's just one of several conversions of historically Christian sites that the government is considering, a move the country's dwindling number of Greeks decry.
  • Bolshoi Dancer Sentenced To Russian Penal Colony For Acid Attack
    A former Bolshoi dancer was sentenced to six years in a penal colony for orchestrating an acid attack on the theater's artistic director. Pavel Dmitrichenko and two co-conspirators were sentenced on Tuesday. Melissa Block talks with New York Times reporter Andrew Roth, who was in the Moscow courtroom.
  • Judge Upholds Detroit Bankruptcy Eligibility
    Detroit is now officially eligible for bankruptcy protection, making it the largest municipal case of it in U.S. history. The city is trying to get out from under a crushing debt topping $18 billion. While the federal judge making the ruling Tuesday scolded the city for hurrying negotiations with unions and creditors, he concluded with was "impracticable" for the city to negotiate in good faith.
  • White House Revs Up Delayed Push For Health Coverage
    With able to handle an increasing number of users, the Obama administration finally went on the offensive to urge Americans to sign up for new health insurance. The administration had planned a massive advertising and social media campaign to support the Affordable Care Act back in October, but the push was delayed for two months after the health insurance exchange website failed in its debut. The effort comes as the deadline for people to sign up for coverage starting next year looms.

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