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Monday, December 3, 2012

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  • Genome Sequencing For Babies Brings Knowledge And Conflicts
    Technology now exists that makes it possible for doctors to decipher the entire genetic code of a newborn. Should it be done? What about fetuses in the womb? That's now a possibility, and it's stirring intense debate.
  • In Istanbul, A Byzantine-Era Fleet Surfaces Again
    In Istanbul, construction of much-needed transit projects was halted when astonishing archaeological treasures began turning up. Now, archaeologists are poring over a stunning trove of artifacts, including some three dozen Byzantine-era ships.
  • A Battle For The Stolen Childhoods Of Kenyan Girls
    Early marriages and the sex tourism trade are grave threats to girls growing up on Kenya's Swahili Coast. Families often sell their daughters into marriage; others push them into prostitution. A coalition of educators, religious and traditional leaders is fighting back.
  • Republicans Counter With $2.2 Trillion Deficit Plan
    On Monday, House Speaker John Boehner answered criticisms that Republicans have not proposed a deficit plan to counter the one from President Obama which they find so objectionable. Boehner's plan takes elements from presidential nominee Mitt Romney's proposal. David Welna talks to Melissa Block about the counteroffer.
  • Closing Tax Loopholes Easier In Theory Than In Political Practice
    Republicans want to raise revenue by closing loopholes in the tax code instead of by raising rates. But tax breaks like the charitable deduction and the mortgage interest deduction come with interest groups willing to fight tooth and nail for them.
  • Murdoch Splits Media Empire Into Two Companies
    News Corp announced on Monday that it's making some changes to its management and structure. The company has decided to end The Daily, its tablet-exclusive newspaper. They have also named the management team for its split off newspaper division. David Folkenflik talks to Audie Cornish.
  • A Royal Baby On The Way In The U.K.
    Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, are expecting a baby. The child will be third in line and in direct succession to the throne. The announcement came after the duchess was admitted to a hospital in central London on Monday with acute morning sickness. The royal family had wanted to make the announcement later. The BBC reports that she is in the first trimester.
  • Street Art Brings Life To A Miami Neighborhood
    Just a few years ago, Miami's Wynwood was known as a rough neighborhood of warehouses and shoe factories. Today, it has become the center of Miami's art scene, known for its galleries, studios and street murals. Many attribute that transformation to the work of developer Tony Goldman.
  • U.S. Steps Up Aid (But No Arms) To Syrian Exiles
    The U.S. is emphasizing the assistance it provides to Syrian refugees, but the Obama administration is still not showing any signs that it's prepared to arm the rebels.
  • Is Morsi Morphing Into Authoritarian He Opposed?
    Once referred to as the Muslim Brotherhood's "spare tire," Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has proven much more formidable than many Egyptians expected. But critics say his latest moves, including one to push through a hastily drafted constitution, could tear Egypt apart.

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