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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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  • Automakers Deliver Plans To Congress
    The Big Three automakers have presented their plans to Congress for how they will restructure themselves to make them worthy of a congressional bailout. Ford says it wants a $9 billion standby line of credit; GM has sought $12 billion. Chrysler is expected to ask for $7 billion.
  • Own Electric Car, But No Garage? Firm Has Answer
    In Silicon Valley, there are now enough fully electric cars to spark a new business: car-charging stations. One company is joining with the city of San Jose to offer car-charging outlets on streetlight poles, in parking lots and even on parking meters.
  • How The Recession Compares To Other Downturns
    The board responsible for assessing economic cycles announced Monday the U.S. economy is in a recession, and has been for nearly a year. Jeff Frankel, a Harvard professor and a member of the Business Cycle Dating Committee for the National Bureau of Economic Research, offers his insight.
  • Some Students Fear Openness On Mental Health
    In the wake of the shootings at Virginia Tech, colleges and universities are paying more attention to students with mental health problems. But in some cases, that has meant that students who complain of serious depression or suicidal thoughts are quickly suspended or expelled.
  • Letters: Mexico, All Tech Considered
    Listeners responded to Monday's coverage of the 1968 Mexico City student massacre and All Tech Considered's online dating segment.
  • The Fate Of Obama's Net Roots Network
    Technically speaking, the Obama campaign had two crown jewels: a database with the e-mail addresses of 10 million supporters and an online network that mobilized voters. What will become of this machine as the president-elect moves to the White House?
  • Hopes High For Foreign Aid In Obama Presidency
    Aid groups and development experts are urging the incoming Obama administration to revamp U.S. assistance to foreign nations and maintain spending despite the financial crisis at home.
  • Taking A Lesson From Hadrian
    When he takes office in January, President-elect Barack Obama will inherit the gloomiest economy since the Great Depression, prompting comparisons to Franklin D. Roosevelt. But there's another leader Obama could draw inspiration from — a 2nd century Roman emperor.
  • Hunting Buffalo In Alaska
    The American buffalo at one time swarmed the plains from Texas to Canada, but by 1911 they were near extinction. Steven Rinella, author of American Buffalo, talks about his experience hunting buffalo in Alaska and about his book.
  • In India, Anger Grows At Response To Attacks
    Anger and indignation are building in Mumbai in the wake of the terrorist attacks that left nearly 200 dead and hundreds more wounded. The people of Mumbai are sending text messages, calling for a mass protest rally Wednesday.

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