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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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  • Fighting Continues In Gaza Amid Talk Of Cease-Fire
    The war between Israel and the Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip could end up as a victory of sorts for both sides. Hamas' popularity in the Arab world has skyrocketed. Hamas leaders say they've forced Israel to the negotiating table by launching rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and held their own for the last week. Their rivals in the Palestinian Authority have been marginalized. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, has received a huge boost to his popularity in the midst of an election campaign. Sheera Frenkel talks to Audie Cornish.
  • Israel's 'Iron Dome' Was Partly Funded By U.S.
    Since an escalation in fighting between Gaza and Israel last week, there have been more than 100 casualties on Gaza's side of the border. On Israel's there have been three. That low death count in Israel, despite many rockets fired into its territory, is thanks largely to the Israeli "Iron Dome" air defense system. For more on how that system works, Robert Siegel speaks with Barbara Opall-Rome, Israel bureau chief for Defense News.
  • Tough Turkey: People Have A Harder Time Getting Pardons Under Obama
    Every year, the president pardons a turkey in a lighthearted Thanksgiving tradition. But while the business of pardoning humans is more serious, it's also increasingly rare. President Obama has granted just 1 pardon for every 290 applications — a much lower rate than other recent presidents.
  • Berlin Calls On Volunteer Hunters To Cull Wild Boars
    Berlin is known as the "wild boar capital" in Germany, with thousands of the animals roaming its residential neighborhoods. In the past, the city and animal rights activists battled over hiring hunters to kill the streetwise swine, who cause a lot of damage. But with attacks like the one in late October in which four people were injured by a male boar, curbing the wild pig population in the German capital is a growing priority.
  • For Pi, A Wonderful 'Life' Finds Its Way To Film
    Ang Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's 2001 best-seller employs cinema's most advanced digital techniques in the service of an adventure yarn that's gloriously old-fashioned — and often just glorious. (Recommended)
  • Administration Lays Down Rules For Future Health Insurance
    Now that the Supreme Court has found the Affordable Care Act constitutional and the president's re-election made clear that big chunks of the law will take effect in 2014, the administration is finally releasing rules of the road that states and insurance companies have been clamoring for.
  • Thousands Of Trees Gone, Ripped Out By Sandy
    Nearly 10,000 trees in New York City — many healthy and hefty — were lost to the winds of Superstorm Sandy. Natural scenery aside, they affect the environmental quality of the city.
  • Blasphemy Charges On The Rise In Pakistan
    A single accuser's word is often enough to lead to an arrest and spark mob violence. Human rights advocates say the charges are frequently made against religious minorities, and are often used to settle personal scores.
  • Tea Party Favorite Allen West Concedes Florida Race
    Two weeks after votes were cast, Tea Party firebrand Allen West conceded he lost his Florida Congressional race to Democrat Patrick Murphy. He was one of just a few Tea Party activists to be defeated.
  • Democrats Poised To Pick Up Seats In Final House Tally
    Two weeks after Election Day, it appears the partisan makeup of the new House of Representatives will be 234 Republicans and 201 Democrats, although the outcome is not yet official in two states. That would be a gain of eight seats for the minority Democrats.

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