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Monday, November 19, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • U.S. Attorney Rachel PaulosePaulose leaving Minnesota for D.C.
    Politicians from both political parties say a change is welcome at the Minnesota U.S. Attorney's Office. U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose announced Monday that she has resigned and will move to a post within the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. The move comes less than two weeks after Michael Mukasey was sworn in as Attorney General.5:19 p.m.
  • Analysis of Paulose's departure from the U.S. attorney's office
    Kevin Washburn is a law professor at the University of Minnesota and former assistant U.S. attorney. MPR's Tom Crann spoke to Washburn about what Paulose's move means.5:23 p.m.
  • Mankato campusMSU Mankato -- a campus in mourning
    A traffic accident that killed one student and injured another from Minnesota State University Mankato over the weekend has brought more grief to a campus which has already seen two other students die this fall.5:46 p.m.
  • Dog in recoveryThe Neuter Commuter hits the road
    The people who run the Neuter Commuter are fixing to fix more pets. But Minnesota law won't let them do it for free and they say that's a problem.5:50 p.m.
  • Just Chicken PieLost recipes find home in a new book
    As we head into Thanksgiving, many of us dust off recipes for grandma's stuffing or pumpkin pie. But some family recipes may have gotten lost over the years, and it's these misplaced recipes that are the center of Christopher Kimball's new book, "America's Best Lost Recipes."5:54 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Aid Streams to Cyclone-Ravaged Bangladesh
    Relief workers are trying to assess damage from the devastating cyclone that hit Bangladesh late last week. The death toll is over 3,000 and still rising. A million more people have been displaced.
  • Fighting in Somalia Leads to Killings, Exodus
    This year, Somali troops and their U.S.-backed Ethiopian allies routed a rival Islamist movement — and helped to create an insurgency that's carrying out roadside bombings and political killings. The fighting has claimed thousands of lives and forced hundreds of thousands to flee the lawless capital.
  • Cheap Airfare a Thing of the Past
    Air travel has gotten more expensive as the price of fuel has increased. That has many families reconsidering whether to buy plane tickets for holiday trips. Some say it's time to wake up to the new commercial aviation reality: Fares are up, service is down.
  • Rare National Buzz Tipped Obama's Decision to Run
    Barack Obama was barely halfway through his first Senate term when he began considering a presidential run. In the end, he chose to take advantage of a rare window of political opportunity that had opened for him so quickly — knowing it could close just as fast.
  • Mike Huckabee Extols Higher Education
    In anticipation of the presidential primaries, we're running excerpts of speeches given along the campaign trail. Republican hopeful Mike Huckabee, the governor of Arkansas, spoke to students from Williamson Christian College in Franklin, Tenn., about the importance of higher education.
  • Activists Aim to Block Japan's 'Scientific' Whale Hunt
    A Japanese whaling fleet is set to sail to Antarctica this week, pursuing over a thousand whales — some of them humpbacks. The government of Japan says the hunt is intended for scientific research. But Greenpeace and other critics contend that Japan's intentions are commercial.
  • Russian Scientists Fear Warming May Bring Disease
    Russians like to joke that they might be the only people to benefit from global warming. At least, they say, it might temper Russia's notoriously cold winters. But scientists in Moscow are concerned that increasing temperatures will help spread malaria and other diseases to new areas.
  • Are the Patriots' Big Wins Unsportsmanlike?
    Sports blogs are ablaze about the New England Patriots running up the score in their games this season. They are undefeated — and Sunday night, they beat the Buffalo Bills 56-10. Some are saying it is unsportsmanlike to let the score get that high.
  • Reading Study Shows Remarkable Decline in U.S.
    The National Endowment for the Arts has released a study on reading trends in the U.S. The study shows "startling declines" in "how much and how well" Americans are reading.
  • Bush Adviser on Terrorism Announces Resignation
    Frances Townsend, the president's assistant for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism, is the latest in the exodus of influential figures who are leaving the Bush administration. Townsend, Bush's main adviser on terrorism, is leaving office after four and a half years.

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