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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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  • Cain Speaks On Sexual Misconduct Allegations
    GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain undertook his first serious interviews since the allegations by a Chicago woman on Monday of sexual misconduct when she was seeking help from Cain during a job hunt. NPR's Tamara Keith joins Robert Siegel to explain.
  • Can Obama Make History Again?
    The president's support among independents has collapsed; his overall approval ratings are well below those of other presidents who went on to win a second term; and unemployment is expected to stay near 9 percent until Election Day. To get re-elected in 2012, he'll have to defy the odds.
  • Paterno Cancels Weekly News Conference
    Guy Raz speaks with NPR's Mike Pesca about the growing scandal in the Penn State football program. Longtime coach Joe Paterno abruptly canceled his weekly news conference Tuesday, amid reports that members of the school's board are pushing for him to step down.
  • Conservative Appeals Court Judge Writes Opinion Upholding Health Law
    The 2-1 ruling by the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., affirms the health insurance mandate at the core of law. The majority found the mandate to be consistent with Congress' constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce.
  • Volokh Discusses Cigarette Warning Messages
    Robert Siegel talks to Eugene Volokh, an expert on compelled speech at the UCLA School of Law, about the status of graphic warning symbols and messages on packs of cigarettes.
  • In Indiana, Some Buses Stop Shuttling Kids For Free
    While property taxes used to cover school bus transportation, Indiana voters passed a cap on the state's property tax rate last November, forcing some districts to cut costs. Now, Franklin Township is charging families monthly fees for their kids to ride the bus — and the superintendent isn't happy he has to do it.
  • Rockford, Ill., Shuts Off Streetlights To Save Money
    Guy Raz speaks with Corina Curry, a reporter at the Rockford Register Star, about the streetlight removal program in Rockford, Ill. In order to close a budget gap, the city is turning off 2,400 — or 15 percent — of the city's streetlights. The move is supposed to save the city half a million dollars, but residents have complained about its effect on public safety.
  • Despite Heavy Campaigning, Santorum Trails In Polls
    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has visited all 99 counties in Iowa in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. But his grassroots efforts don't seem to have yielded dividends in fundraising or public support.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Brings The Complex 'J. Edgar' To Life On Film
    Leonardo DiCaprio tells Guy Raz about the things he does and doesn't admire about J. Edgar Hoover, the character he plays in Clint Eastwood's new film.
  • IAEA Suggests Iran May Be Developing Nuclear Arms
    The International Atomic Energy Agency has issued a new report on Iran's suspect nuclear program. It says Iran has conducted experiments that could only be useful in the development of a nuclear weapon. Guy Raz talks to NPR's Mike Shuster for more.

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