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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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  • Papandreou Announces Referendum On E.U. Bailout
    The eurozone has been thrown into chaos once again. European leaders thought they had finally unified behind a plan to deal with their debt crisis. Then, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou called for a national referendum on the agreement. How is the Greek public responding to the prime minister's challenge: a referendum to choose between Europe and default?
  • E.U. Leaders Frustrated By Greek Referendum
    Markets slumped from Asia to Europe to the U.S. on word that the Greek prime minister will put the European Union rescue package to a referendum. What now? Guy Raz speaks with NPR's Eric Westervelt for more.
  • Some Used Car Lots Target Those With Bad Credit
    Robert Siegel speaks with Ken Bensinger, business reporter for the Los Angeles Times, about used car sales lots known as "Buy Here Pay Here" dealerships. Bensinger has written a three-part investigative series on this type of business. He tells Robert that "Buy Here Pay Here" lots are very common, and they prey on people with low incomes and bad credit. They charge high prices and very steep interest rates. And in many cases the buyer defaults on the loan, and the car is repossessed and resold again and again.
  • Vatican To Host Stem Cell Research Conference
    The Catholic Church invested $1 million to form a joint foundation with an adult stem cell research company, and its first project is a conference with scientists to discuss the future of stem cell therapies. Some in the scientific community believe the Vatican is trying to undercut embryonic stem cell research.
  • A Final Resting Place On The Green, But No Mulligans
    A cemetery in Washington is now offering cremation spots under a putting green for the avid golfer. There's a sand trap that can also accommodate ashes. "The one unique thing about Sunset Hills is that we guarantee you that everyone here finishes six under," says the man who came up with the idea.
  • Miss. Couple Lament Loss Of The American Dream
    Norris and Janis Galatas had planned to be settled at middle age. But then Norris got wounded in Iraq and Janis lost her job. They're barely squeaking by, and they feel like the middle class has been left behind. "It's sad that the American dream is not even realistic anymore," Norris says.
  • Ohio Voters To Decide Union Law's Fate
    On Nov. 8, they'll go to the ballot box to vote on whether to block a law slashing the power of public employee unions. The law's backers argue it will help cities and schools hold down labor costs and lift the state's economy. But union workers say they've already done enough, citing a billion dollars in pay freezes and concessions.
  • Book Review: '11/22/63'
    Stephen King could probably turn a book about paint drying into a bestseller. His newest effort, though, has loftier ambitions. It's about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a what-if science fiction take on a subject that's been tackled over and over again by historians.
  • J. Cole: An Upstart Rapper Speaks For Himself
    The North Carolina MC — German-born, emotionally forthright and a magna cum laude college graduate — says integrity and individuality are essential to the future of hip-hop.
  • Investigators Scour Books Of MF Global
    When the investment firm MF Global filed for bankruptcy Monday, it told regulators it couldn't account for hundreds of millions of dollars in customer accounts. The missing money caused negotiations to save the firm from bankruptcy to fall apart.

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