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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Cook County attorney Tim ScannellCook County attorney charged with criminal sexual conduct
    Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell has been indicted on two counts of criminal sexual conduct stemming from allegations he engaged in criminal sexual conduct with a 17-year-old girl. The investigation came after a restraining order was issued against Scannell to keep him away from the girl.5:24 p.m.
  • Sharon StitelerWinter birdwatching tips from the 'Birdchick'
    Even though birds are starting to head south for the winter, there's plenty to interest birdwatchers as the temperatures fall.5:54 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Global Internet Infrastructure Makes It Hard To Reel In Spying
    The NSA has apparently figured out a secret way to tap into the links between Internet users and Google and Yahoo data centers overseas. The companies say they didn't give the NSA permission, and they are angry. Because the data centers are located outside the United States, the NSA may not be bound by the same laws that govern domestic surveillance. The case shows how difficult it is for policymakers and legislators to oversee NSA surveillance activities.
  • NSA Snooping Shows Tensions Between Security And Privacy
    In the decade since Sept. 11, the public's focus seems to have swung from a fear of individual terrorist attacks to a fear that the government will go too far in trying to prevent the next attack. Right now, there is a backlash against NSA spying. Recent surveillance scandals show a larger effort to strike a balance between privacy and security.
  • Heat, Drought Draw Farmers Back To Sorghum, The 'Camel Of Crops'
    Consumers in search of novelty are turning to once-obscure grains like quinoa, spelt and sorghum. But sorghum's great virtue for farmers is the fact that it can thrive with so little water.
  • America's First Transcontinental Highway Turns 100
    On Oct. 31, 1913, the Lincoln Highway was officially dedicated. It stretched from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.
  • New Discovery Park In Rural Tennessee Leaves Community Split
    On Friday, an $80 million project opens in Union City, Tenn., that's called a "mini Smithsonian." Retail and real estate mogul Robert Kirkland is bankrolling the project called "Discovery Park of America". But the question is: Will anyone visit the place that's not really near anything in northwest Tennessee?
  • Disagreement On Syria Adds To Chill In U.S.-Saudi Relationship
    Saudi Arabia, a long time U.S. ally, has been openly critical of U.S. policy in the Middle East and has sent unmistakable signals of its displeasure. The rift appears to be specifically over Syria, but the tensions have been building since the Arab Spring began.
  • Syrian Civil War Rooted In Drought Years Before Fighting Began
    Robert Siegel talks to William R. Polk about how a drought in Syria several years ago forced farmers and families into the cities and contributed to the tensions that led to a government crackdown that led to the uprising. He's the author of Violent Politics: Insurgency and Terrorism, Understanding Iraq and Understanding Iran and has written a piece on Syria.
  • Economic, Political Volatility Cloud Housing Recovery
    The housing market is working through the remnants of the financial crisis, and until recently the sector's recovery seemed to be on track. But recent drama in the national economy has left consumers reluctant to buy, experts say.
  • Turning The Page On Illiteracy, Adults Go Back To Class
    Millions of adults struggle every day with basic tasks, like reading a bill or a bus schedule. Those with limited literacy find all kinds of ways to hide their rudimentary schooling. Many are unemployed. And those who have jobs are usually stuck at the lowest rungs of the economic ladder.
  • Boston Celebrates First World Series Win At Home In 95 Years
    Boston fans celebrated the World Series win Thursday by the Red Sox over the St. Louis Cardinals. The victory is the first series win for Boston at home in Fenway in 95 years.

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