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All Things Considered
Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Storm winds halt shipping activity in Duluth
    The winds from a massive storm that stretches from the Dakotas all the way to the eastern Great Lakes has shipping activity in and around Duluth at a virtual halt.4:50 p.m.
  • Ian FrazierIan Frazier explores the lure of Siberia
    For almost 20 years, writer Ian Frazier has been obsessed by a place which many people use as a metaphor for unpleasantness - Siberia. He's just published his account of his five visits to the area called "Travels in Siberia."4:54 p.m.
  • Bachmann, Clark6th District candidates hold lively debate
    Candidates for the U.S. House seat in Minnesota's 6th District debated for the first time Tuesday, in what is likely the most expensive congressional campaign in the country.5:20 p.m.
  • Race for South Dakota's House seat a close contest
    The candidates in a hard-fought race for South Dakota's only seat in the U.S. House will debate Tuesday and Wednesday as polls continue to show a very close contest.5:24 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Meg Whitman On Campaign Spending, Ads
    NPR's Michele Norris talks to Meg Whitman, Republican nominee for governor of California, who currently trails her opponent, former Gov. Jerry Brown. Whitman has poured more than $140 million of her own money into her campaign. She says if she's elected, that money will be the best investment she could have ever made in changing California.
  • Florida Governor's Race Draws To Fiery Close
    Florida's gubernatorial candidates -- Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink -- had a lively debate Monday night in the last days of the campaign.
  • Top Saddam Ally Tariq Aziz Sentenced To Death
    One of Saddam Hussein's top lieutenants has been sentenced to death for persecuting Iraqi Shiites. Tariq Aziz, who gave himself up to American forces shortly after the 2003 invasion, was Iraq's longtime foreign minister and deputy prime minister, and Saddam's chief envoy to the international community.
  • In China, Looking For Mr. Right (Enough)
    Just underneath China's modern, shiny surface, many aspects of life are still very traditional. Marriage is one of those areas. And women, in particular, and their parents fret about not finding a suitable partner before they grow too old and become a "leftover woman."
  • Conquering A Fear Of Robots
    Commentator Andrei Codrescu reflects on how the number of automated tasks that take place in our lives once troubled him. But no longer. He's come to peace with all the robotic devices that surround us.
  • Obama's Foreclosure Prevention Efforts Criticized
    A federal auditor says the Home Affordable Modification Program is reaching too few people and hurting some homeowners by stringing them along, then rejecting them. But new data show the program is working well for those homeowners who actually manage to qualify.
  • Farm Work: Americans Steer Clear Of Apple Harvest
    In Washington state, agriculture wages are up nearly 8 percent over the last two years. Some of this increase may be attributable to increased immigration enforcement by the federal government. Still, unemployed Americans aren't applying for jobs in the state's apple orchards.
  • In Information Age, Leaks Are Here To Stay
    The disclosure of secret intelligence files is in many ways a phenomenon of the information age, and national security officials in the U.S. and other countries need to prepare for the consequences, WikiLeaks or no WikiLeaks.
  • Taylor Swift Poised For One Of 2010's Biggest Sellers
    The pop superstar, one of the music industry's biggest money-makers, released a new album Tuesday.  The Wall Street Journal's Christopher John Farley discusses his recent interview with Swift.
  • Vijay Iyer Blends The Old With The New
    Anointed the next bright hope of jazz, last year's breakout pianist took only two days to record his first solo album of originals and covers. Does it live up to high expectations? NPR's Tom Moon reviews the album here.

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