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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Dr. Jon HallbergAsk Dr. Hallberg: The basics of chronic pain
    Dr. Jon Hallberg joined Tom Crann to discuss the basics of pain -- the cause, purpose and treatments for it -- and what a new study about the brain can teach us about chronic pain.4:51 p.m.
  • Freight rail trackCrucial Southwest light rail vote delayed by months
    The decision to put off the Metropolitan Council vote came following a Tuesday morning meeting between Gov. Mark Dayton and several local, regional and state officials.5:17 p.m.
  • Roelofs FarmMinnesota farmers see bountiful harvests and lower profits
    For livestock producers, the trends are a welcome relief after some tough years. They buy a lot of grain to feed their animals and the falling prices will reduce their costs and boost profits. But for grain farmers, slipping prices will shrink profit margins.5:21 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • A Turbulent Day In Capitol Hill As Debt Default Looms
    With the threat of defaulting on the nation's obligations now possibly just two days off, the focus shifted back to the House, where Speaker John Boehner called a caucus meeting to sell his plan — and then quickly had to downplay the idea that he even had a plan. The Senate, meanwhile, slowed things down to see if Boehner could pass anything at all.
  • Why A Medical Device Tax Became Part Of The Fiscal Fight
    A sales tax on medical devices was passed to help pay for the Affordable Care Act. Manufacturers have been waging a persistent campaign to get rid of it. Now it's one of the bargaining chips being tossed around in the budget crisis on Capitol Hill.
  • Belgians Pretend To Be A Film Crew To Nab Suspected Pirates
    Robert Siegel speaks with Nicholas Kulish of The New York Times about two suspected Somali pirates who were arrested in Belgium over the weekend after being lured as consultants for a movie based on the life of one of the alleged pirates.
  • Not Part Of Talks, Israel Still Tries To Sway Iran Nuclear Talks
    Israel is keeping a close eye on the Geneva talks on Iran's nuclear program. Israel is not party to the negotiations but its leaders say they have a big stake in the outcome. A cabinet statement Tuesday warned of "cosmetic [Iranian] concessions that could be reversed in weeks. In exchange, Iran demands an easing of the sanctions, which have taken years to put in place."
  • Even Before The Shutdown, Food Supply Regulated Itself
    There have been a lot of headlines during the government shutdown suggesting that that our food supplies may be at risk as agencies like the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control have furloughed workers. But food suppliers and processors increasingly rely on a large network of private companies to make sure food is safe.
  • What Makes Paul McCartney Nervous?
    On the occasion of his new album's release, the former Beatle speaks with NPR's Robert Siegel about responding to historical revisionists — and explains why a little insecurity can be an artist's best friend.
  • This Isn't Your Granny Smith's Harvesting Technology
    Michigan is expected to bring in a record-setting apple crop this year. So how do you sort and package 2,000 Galas in a minute? Farmers have turned to the Rolls Royce of fruit processing: a robot that uses computer vision to weed out the bad apples.
  • 'Double Life' Depicts A Norman Mailer In, Yet Not Of, The World
    Alan Cheuse reviews the new biography Norman Mailer: A Double Life by J. Michael Lennon. The book is 900 pages long and comes from an admiring biographer with incredible access to Mailer, who died six years ago.
  • Is Pitbull 'Mr. Education'? Rapper Opens Charter School In Miami
    Pitbull is just one of a growing number of celebrities who've lent their names and opened their wallets to the charter school movement. His Sports Leadership And Management Academy opened in Miami this fall.
  • Obama Hosts House Dems As GOP Debt And Spending Plan Falls Apart
    The president hosted Democratic congressional leaders Tuesday afternoon to discuss the ongoing government shut down and threat that the U.S. could breach the debt ceiling. Earlier in the day, a House GOP plan to end the dual crisis fell apart.

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