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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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  • Anatomy Of A Financial Bailout
    The heads of America's nine top financial institutions met with U.S. officials behind closed doors Monday to discuss accepting government cash in exchange for an equity stake in their banks. Wall Street Journal staff writer Deborah Solomon says Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson only told the executives to turn up at the Treasury Department at 3 p.m.
  • Goldman Has Rich Economic Policy Legacy
    Goldman Sachs has a long legacy of supplying economic policy advisers to Washington. The Goldman alum are now playing a huge role in trying to stage the country's exit from the massive financial and economic crisis. Henry Paulson is a former Goldman official, as is Neel Kashkari.
  • Pakistanis Debate Role In Combating Militants
    Pakistani leaders are trying to reach a consensus about how to handle the violent conflict that has spread into the country from Afghanistan. The issue provokes particularly strong feelings: Pakistanis disagree among themselves about whether it's their war to fight.
  • Dole Faces Tough Re-Election In North Carolina
    Sen. Elizabeth Dole was thought so safe for re-election in North Carolina that none of the state's well-known Democrats wanted to challenge her. In the end, the nomination went to a state legislator making her first statewide bid. The challenger has now caught up to Dole in the polls.
  • In Conn., Rep. Shays Faces Tough Challenge
    Ten-term Connecticut Rep. Christopher Shays is the last Republican House member from New England. This year, with an unpopular president and a well-financed opponent in Democrat Jim Himes, Shays finds himself in a very vulnerable position.
  • Lower Gas Prices Provide Little Cheer
    When gas prices soared above $4 per gallon, carpooling, bicycling and the use of public transit increased. Gas prices have now fallen below $3 in many places, but other concerns are replacing anxiety about prices at the pump.
  • Crisis Crash Course: High Finance, Low-Jinks
    Obsessed — and confounded — by the roller-coaster economy? To help you understand our frazzled financial situation, Laura Conaway offers three books that cover everything from the Great Depression to the "dazzling world of derivatives."
  • Urban Desi: A Genre On The Rise
    Rapper Snoop Dogg's latest release, a collaboration with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, is a recent example of urban desi, which blends South Asian pop culture with American hip-hop. Originating in the U.K., the style of music is spreading in the U.S. and India.
  • Dow Plummets More Than 700 Points
    The Dow Jones industrial average have fallen by more than 700 points. Carey Leahey, senior economist with Decision Economics, blames the "dismal" retail sales report and the lingering effects of stagflation for the numbers. One ray of hope: the London Interbank Offered Rate has come down slightly.
  • What Do You Want To Ask The Candidates?
    People in New York, Charlotte, N.C., and Laramie, Wyo., talk about what they would like to ask the presidential candidates at their final debate. John McCain takes on Barack Obama at Hofstra University in New York.

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