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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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  • Romney Talks Regulation, Farming In Iowa
    Audie Cornish talks with Ari Shapiro about Mitt Romney's campaigning in the Midwest on Tuesday.
  • Obama In Ohio On Last Voter Registration Day
    Robert Siegel talks with Scott Horsley about President Obama's campaigning in Ohio on Tuesday.
  • Mich. Unions Want Bargaining Added To Constitution
    In Michigan, unions have bet big on ballot proposals to stem a tide of Republican legislation curtailing organized labor's ability to bargain contracts, collect dues, and raise money for political races. Their top goal is to make sure the state legislature cannot pass a so-called right-to-work law that outlaws compulsory union membership. They also want to reverse a law that allows the state to temporarily take over financially struggling local governments and scrap public employee contracts.
  • British Entertainer, DJ Accused Of Sexual Assaults
    The BBC is apologizing to women who claim they were sexually abused decades ago by one of the broadcaster's top entertainers. Jimmy Savile had been knighted for his charity work in 1990. He died last year. The number of women alleging abuse could be more than two dozen and the scandal has dominated Britain's media.
  • The City As Infestation
    The vast web of geometries traced out in light shows you cities as a kind of infestation. They're like living networks spreading across the planet.
  • Sound Of Your City: Construction, Food Truck, Parks
    Over the past few months the NPR Cities Project has asked for pictures and sound from the "Heart of your City." Featured in the final edition are sounds of construction, a food truck, parks and more.
  • Nobel In Physics: Your Tax Dollars At Work
    David Wineland, a physicist at a federal lab in Boulder, Colo., was recognized for cutting-edge work in quantum computing that's both incredibly esoteric and practical. He'll share the prize with his friend and friendly competitor, Serge Haroche, who is at the College de France in Paris.
  • Nobel Scientist Was Dissed By His Schoolmaster
    Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish have more on John B. Gurdon, a co-winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. When Gurdon was 15, he was dissed by his schoolmaster who said a career in science would be "completely ridiculous" for the Nobel winner.
  • Getting To Yes On Gay Marriage, One Voter At A Time
    In November, Maine voters will decide on a ballot initiative that would legalize same-sex marriage. Canvassers are trying to drum up support for the initiative, though opponents say they are sure they have enough support to vote it down.
  • Wal-Mart, American Express To Debut New Card
    Wal-Mart and American Express have teamed up to offer a new prepaid card. The two companies say it will act like a checking account, but without the many fees that frustrate customers. Audie Cornish talks with Stephanie Clifford, retail reporter for The New York Times.

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