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Thursday, October 2, 2008

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  • Amid Financial Woes, Recession Talk Grows
    Just a month ago, there were still many economists who thought the U.S. might avoid a recession. Now it's difficult to find anyone forecasting continued growth. The debate these days is centered on how long and how deep the recession will be.
  • House Version Of Bailout Bill Examined
    The House voted Friday on the financial rescue plan that the Senate passed Wednesday. The new version includes billions of dollars in tax breaks and credits. Keith Ashdown, chief investigator at Taxpayers for Common Sense, says lawmakers in the Senate piled on as much baggage onto what they saw as the last legislative train leaving the station.
  • Debate Over EU Cooperation As Credit Crisis Widens
    Key European leaders will meet in Paris on Saturday to discuss managing the widening financial crisis. While a coordinated response may not come from the meeting, one commentator believes simply meeting will help set a proper course.
  • Searchers Confirm Wreckage Is Fossett's Plane
    Searchers have found the wreckage of wealthy adventurer Steve Fossett's plane in the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains near Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Fossett vanished without a trace in September of last year during a solo flight from a friend's Nevada ranch.
  • Critics Dismiss Italy's Efforts To Fight Mafia
    Italy has sent 500 troops into the southern part of the country in an effort to deal with a new upsurge of Mafia-style violence there. Local residents and journalists say, however, the measure will have little effect because the Mafia is so entrenched in local life.
  • McCain Abandons Campaign In Michigan
    John McCain's campaign is abandoning its efforts in Michigan. McCain's campaign had thought it could win the Democratic-leaning state. The state offers 17 electoral votes. News of the pullout came as Barack Obama campaigned in Michigan.
  • Across Country, Differing Views On VP Debate
    Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin will face-off Thursday in the only vice presidential debate of this election season. When asked what they want to see in the debates, people around the country offer answers ranging from two intelligent candidates doing their best to solutions on the economy and Iraq.
  • Palin's Accent Examined
    Ever since she emerged on the national stage, Sarah Palin's accent has prompted many theories. William Labov, professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, says he's studied Palin's way of speaking and she has a distinctive Alaskan accent.
  • How CBS Handled The Palin Interview
    Why did CBS parcel out its interview material with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin over so many nights: commercial reasons or journalistic or political? How has the changed nature of the TV business affected how TV and the campaigns intersect?
  • Julianne Moore: Seeing Past Surfaces In 'Blindness'
    Julianne Moore plays a seeing woman in a sightless world in Blindness, the film adaptation of Jose Saramago's apocalyptic novel. She describes working with director Fernando Meirelles on the eerie film about an epidemic of "White Sickness."

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