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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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  • U.S. Navy Sailors Say They Were Hazed, Abused
    Six sailors from a canine unit in the U.S. Navy interviewed by Youth Radio told stories of hazing and abuse a few years ago. The Navy investigated the abuse and found evidence to support accusations of physical assault on sailors and prostitutes on base, but no courts-martial resulted.
  • Obama Toughens State Secrets Privilege
    Under new rules, the government must convince the attorney general that releasing information would cause "significant harm" to national security. The rules are a break with the Bush administration, but officials are pushing to extend other Bush-era security policies.
  • University Of Illinois President Quits Over Scandal
    B. Joseph White resigned Wednesday after officials acknowledged that they admitted some students with political clout over other, more qualified applicants. White, who has served as university president since 2005, said he will step down at the end of the year.
  • University Of Calif. Faculty, Students To Walk Out
    More than 1,000 faculty members and students at the University of California schools are planning to walk out Thursday in protest against an increase in tuition and furloughs. Joshua Clover, an associate professor of English at the University of California, Davis, says the moves instituted by the university system's administrators mean that students are getting less attention from their professors despite having to pay more for their education.
  • At U.N., Obama Challenges World Leaders
    President Obama challenged leaders gathered at the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday to join the U.S. in solving the world's problems rather than waiting for America to do it on its own. Obama used his first address to the U.N. General Assembly to calls for a "new era of engagement."
  • Gadhafi Unleashes Litany Of Complaints In U.N. Debut
    Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi uses his first U.N. appearance to rail against what he sees as the inequalities of the U.N. system. He also chastises the world body for failing to intervene or prevent some 65 wars since its founding in 1945.
  • Families Of Buffalo Crash Victims Seek Changes
    Family members of those killed in the crash of Continental Flight 3407 near Buffalo, N.Y., were on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, pushing for changes to safety rules for flying. Kevin Kuwik, who lost his girlfriend Lorin Maurer in the crash, says lawmakers must address pilot fatigue, training and regional airline safety standards.
  • Letters: Medicare
    Madeleine Brand and Robert Siegel read from listeners' letters, including a follow up to what Medicare covers and a quote of St. Bonaventure.
  • Separating Grain From Chaff In New TV Season
    The networks have rolled out a few new dramas and sitcoms. NBC has rolled back some of those shows to make room for the prime time Jay Leno. TV critic James Poniewozik of Time magazine, says this season's offers are "good, bad and mediocre."
  • Geithner Shows Flexibility On Regulator
    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner agreed Wednesday to scale back provisions for a new agency to regulate consumer credit. Geithner testified on Capitol Hill, and said he agreed with House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank, who has opposed the proposed agency's scope.

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