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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • North High SchoolAt North High, freshmen mark a new beginning
    In 2010, North High School was almost shut down because of falling enrollment and poor performance. Neighborhood groups opposed the move and the district agreed to make changes. This fall, the first freshman class started at the new North High. The school follows a national turnaround model that emphasizes small class sizes, closer relationships between students and teachers, and more parent involvement.5:24 p.m.
  • Prairie harvestMinnesota Sounds and Voices: Ron Bowen profits from prairie preservation
    Every year around about this time, a Minnesota businessman brings in an unusual harvest: seeds from native prairie plants. He aims to help preserve those species -- at a profit -- as their habitat slowly shrinks.5:45 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Poll: Obama Leads Romney 3 To 1 On Some Topics
    Robert Siegel speaks with Andrew Kohut, President of the Pew research Center, about the results of its latest poll on the presidential race. The results show that President Obama leads challenger Mitt Romney among likely voters. His lead is currently larger than the previous three winning presidential candidates had at this point before their elections.
  • Congress Is Busy, But Not With Legislative Business
    Congress hasn't been doing much lately — at least in terms of congressional work. In terms of fundraising for their re-election campaigns, however, they're as busy as can be.
  • FDA Weighs Federal Standard To Limit Exposure To Arsenic In Rice
    Levels of inorganic arsenic found in rice worry some, but the FDA says more study is needed before it would recommend consumers change their diets. If you're worried, vary the grains in your diet and swap out sweet potatoes for rice as baby's first food, consumer groups say.
  • Smoke Cleared, Texas Gun Owners Remain Wary
    Texas was once the center of the movement to safeguard gun rights. Today, nearly every fight has been won in the state, and indeed around the country. While gun owners in East Texas celebrate and cherish their rights, they remain distrustful.
  • Deep South Democrats Seek Path Back To Relevance
    It can be lonely being a Democrat in the Deep South. In the reliably Republican region, even recruiting viable Democratic candidates can be a challenge. But strategists are looking to nearby states to learn how the party might start to make inroads in such red territory.
  • Political Consulting And The 'Lie Factory'
    Audie Cornish speaks with Jill Lepore about her latest New Yorker piece, "The Lie Factory," about the origins of the political consulting business in the United States.
  • 'Moby Dick' Project Brings Book Into 21st Century
    Writer Philip Hoare talks about his new project, the "Moby Dick Big Read." From now until late January, a chapter of Herman Melville's classic whale-hunting epic will be available for download each day. Each is read by the likes of Tilda Swinton, John Waters and Stephen Fry.
  • Hungry Snakes Trap Guam In Spidery Web
    Forests on the island of Guam are experiencing a spider epidemic, and invasive brown tree snakes are to blame. The snakes have nearly obliterated the island's native forest birds — which used to keep spider numbers in check.
  • Adrian Sherwood: Dub Without Borders
    The British producer, who has been obsessed with Jamaican dub music since he was a teenager in the '70s, has forged a career of working with his idols and extending their influence to other genres.
  • Syrian Rebels Fear Radicals May Hijack Revolt
    Tensions are growing between the homegrown rebels and Islamist radicals who have come from abroad. They both oppose the Syrian government but disagree on many fundamental issues. Recently the rebels and the foreign radicals battled each other in northern Syria.

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