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Thursday, September 17, 2009

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  • Missile Defense Shield Plans Halted
    The Obama administration has decided to halt a missile shield program in Europe. The controversial system — which was to be fielded in Poland and the Czech Republic — was designed to protect Europe from Iranian missiles. But Russia viewed the shield program as a threat. Following a lengthy review, the Pentagon has decided to change course.
  • Weighing The Impact Of The Missile Defense Move
    Robert Siegel explores the broader implications of President Obama's decision to discontinue a Bush administration missile defense system in eastern Europe. He'll be joined by Leslie H. Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and former editor and columnist for The New York Times.
  • Racial Overtones At Anti-Obama Events
    Washington, D.C., residents both white and black are expressing concern about perceptions of racism in some of the anti-Obama fervor at recent public events.
  • Lab Tech Held In Death Of Yale Grad Student
    Police announced an arrest Thursday in the murder of Yale University graduate student Annie Le. Raymond Clark worked in the same building as Le, as a lab technician. Diane Orson reports for member station WNPR.
  • Yale Killing Defied Tight Lab Security
    Yale graduate student Annie Le was killed in an animal research lab — an unusual murder scene, because such labs are usually heavily monitored, wired with cameras and other security features. They're designed to protect people and property as well as the animals that provide valuable information for researchers conducting scientific experiments.
  • Listener Questions On Health Care
    Robert Siegel talks with NPR's health policy correspondent Julie Rovner, who answers questions listeners have submitted about health care overhaul ideas.
  • Tariff On Tires Ignites Debate On Prices, Jobs
    When the Obama administration slapped tariffs on Chinese-made tires, the move was cheered by organized labor. But analysts say the action is not likely to save many jobs. And it may cost consumers more to replace their tires.
  • Economic Woes Force Arts Groups To Scale Back
    The beginning of fall usually marks an exciting time for art lovers, as organizations announce their new seasons of music, dance and theater. But this year, many of those patrons have canceled their subscriptions — forcing arts organizations to trim their offerings.
  • Chinese Moviegoers Get A Blockbuster, With A Spin
    The Founding of a Republic, an epic, star-studded movie, is a centerpiece of the propaganda strategy ahead of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. But it contains some interesting ideological spin on history.
  • Obama Asks Youth To Spread Health Care Message
    Young people have always been among Barack Obama's most fervent supporters. They are also among the first to opt out of health insurance --- something any health care overhaul will change.

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