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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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  • U.S. Scrambles To Find Solution To AIG's Woes
    Federal officials are working overtime in order to save American Insurance Group. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department say they are seeking a private-sector solution, but it is being asked if there will be another government-sponsored bailout.
  • Oil Prices Continue Decline Toward $90
    Oil prices are continuing to fall, tumbling below $92 per barrel. In July, they stood at $147. Daniel Yergin, chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates, says two factors are at play: the short-term financial crisis and a gloomier outlook on the world economy.
  • Gen. Petraeus Ends Time In Iraq With Handover
    Gen. David Petraeus has handed over control of U.S. forces in Iraq to his longtime deputy, and headed back home where he will take charge of U.S. Central Command, with responsibility for the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • To Remain Open, Catholic Schools Become Charters
    In many cities, Catholic schools are struggling financially and many are being forced to close. In Washington, D.C., the Archdiocese and city officials came up with an idea to keep seven religious schools open: convert them to public charter schools.
  • Fiddling While Rome Burns
    The presidential candidates are paying too little attention to the important issues like the financial crisis and too much attention to trivial things like lipstick on pigs.
  • Bank Of America's Ken Lewis Takes Biggest Risk Yet
    In his seven-year tenure at the helm of Bank of America, Ken Lewis has made many big buys: FleetBoston, MBNA, LaSalle and Countrywide — to name a few. But none quite matches the risk, expense and scope of the Merrill Lynch deal.
  • Wall Street Woes Hit Workers' Mental Health
    The financial crisis on Wall Street isn't just hitting people's pocketbooks, it's also having effects on their mental health. Severe stress can spark some mental illnesses, or exacerbate them.
  • FDA Weighs Safety Of Bisphenol A
    A new study says people with high amounts of bisphenol A in their urine were more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease. The study's author was at a Food and Drug Administration meeting Tuesday on BPA's safety.
  • 'The Duchess': Free Spirits, Tight Laces And Scandal
    Saul Dibb's lavishly pretty historical romance, about an 18th century aristocrat with a penchant for politics and politicians, gets beyond the gilded surfaces to show the constrictions — and the pains they caused.
  • Keira Knightley: 'Duchess' Isn't Diana In Disguise
    British actress Keira Knightley was only a child when Princess Diana died. Now at age 23, Knightley stars in The Duchess as Georgiana Spencer, Diana's distant 18th-century relative.

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