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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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  • Mullen Calls For More Troops In Afghanistan
    The nation's top military officer says more U.S. troops will likely be needed to win the war in Afghanistan. Adm. Mike Mullen's comments before the Senate Armed Services committee came as Democratic Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan underscored his opposition to additional forces, and Sen. John McCain, the committee's ranking Republican, shot back that any delay in sending troop reinforcements would have catastrophic consequences.
  • Marine's Family Awaits Word From The War Zone
    Lance Cpl. Josh Apsey is serving in southern Afghanistan with the Marines of the 2nd Battalion, 8th Regiment — known as "America's Battalion." Back home, his parents wait for any word from him. They must rely on old-fashioned letters and the occasional phone call to stay in touch.
  • There's No Market For GOP Health Care Bills
    Republicans have been criticized for denouncing Democratic legislation without offering alternatives in the health care debate, but many say their proposals are simply not being heard because Democrats control both houses of Congress.
  • Shoe-Throwing Reporter Tells Tale Of Torture
    Muntadhar al-Zeidi was released from prison Tuesday. The Iraqi journalist, who served only nine months of a three-year sentence, was imprisoned for hurling his shoes at then-President Bush at a news conference last December.
  • Moscow Battles Muslim Insurgency In South
    Russia faces nearly daily attacks from Islamic extremists seeking to create an independent Muslim state in the country's Caucasus regions, and Moscow is cracking down. Ingushetia, a Russian republic racked by corruption and poverty, is at the center of the violence.
  • The Bailout And Fallout: Adding Up The Costs
    The U.S. government committed trillions of dollars to fight the financial crisis — propping up ailing banks, rescuing U.S. automakers and providing credit for everything from mortgages to small-business loans. But totaling up the cost of the government's rescue effort is daunting.
  • Would-Be Nun Seeks Funds To Erase College Debt
    Alicia Torres, a Loyola graduate, cannot start her career until she clears her $94,000 of debt, only to take a vow of poverty. Torres wants to be a nun, but first she must be debt-free. Not to be hindered in her commitment to Christ, she's trying to raise the money, even participating in a half-marathon this week to raise the funds. Torres tells her story.
  • Rights Groups Decry U.S. Stand On Bagram Detainees
    The Obama administration has filed court briefs arguing that detainees at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan are not entitled to the same legal rights as those at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. That disappoints human rights groups, who had hoped the new administration would break with the legal arguments of President Bush.
  • More Symbols, Mysteries In Dan Brown's New Novel
    At their core, novelist Dan Brown's best-selling books are treasure hunts, much the like the ones his father, a math teacher, arranged for him and his siblings. The Lost Symbol continues the tale of Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who is plunged into the secretive world of Freemasons.
  • Obama Says His Policies Are Helping Workers
    President Obama on Tuesday told workers at a General Motors plant and the AFL-CIO convention that his administration deserved credit for reviving the nation's economy. But he acknowledged that Americans are frustrated as they deal with the effects of a prolonged recession.

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