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Monday, September 14, 2009

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  • Obama Warns Wall Street Against Risky Behavior
    President Obama warned Wall Street Monday against returning to the sort of behavior that led to last year's economic meltdown. Obama also urged financial companies to take steps on their own to rebuild trust with the public.
  • President's Comments On Economy Examined
    President Obama has said the financial system is no longer in a grave crisis, and not in need of the government support it required a year ago. Kenneth Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard University, says though the financial system is not in the same state of crisis as last year, the government is still supporting it strongly.
  • Couch-Jumping Celebs Rule Talk Shows
    With the launch of his new talk show, all eyes are on Jay Leno. But let's face it: The success of tonight's show is less about the monologue than about which guests show up.
  • Fantasy Football: Increasingly A Woman's Game, Too
    Some industry estimates say more than 20 million people play the online game — and a small, but increasing group of them are women. One group says they may use different techniques to make picks, but they play just as hard as men.
  • News In Technology Examined
    The NFL is playing some blacked-out games on its Web site, and there is controversy over Kurt Cobain's Guitar Hero avatar singing some very un-Nirvana songs. Omar Gallaga, technology culture reporter for the Austin American-Statesman, offers his insight.
  • Krakauer Explores Pat Tillman's Death And Cover-Up
    Jon Krakauer's latest book sheds new light on the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman, who left the Arizona Cardinals to fight in Afghanistan. The author examines the soldier's death by friendly fire, and the government's subsequent effort to cover that up.
  • Patrols On Porous Iraqi Borders Yield Limited Success
    Iraq's security forces are trying to expand their presence along the desert borders with neighboring states. Caches of weapons and explosives are being unearthed, and military officials believe a few favorite smuggling routes have been disrupted. But significant challenges remain.
  • 'Guiding Light' Extinguished After 72 Years On Air
    On Friday, the longest-running scripted drama in broadcast history will go off the air. Guiding Light began as a radio drama in 1937. But the show's millions of fans have dwindled in recent years, and low ratings have led to its demise.
  • Folksinger Sam Hinton Remembered
    Folksinger Sam Hinton died last Thursday at the age of 92. Hinton, a marine biologist, made dozens of recordings and gave concerts all over the world. Linton's daughter Leanne Hinton says he did biology and music all his life.
  • Poll Finds Most Doctors Support Public Option
    In the heated, political back-and-forth of the health care debate, doctors' voices aren't always heard. A new, comprehensive nationwide survey finds that 73 percent of doctors support the inclusion of a public option.

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