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Thursday, September 3, 2009

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  • Health Care Debate Takes Center Stage
    President Obama takes his health care message to a rare joint session of Congress next week. The address is an indication of the high stakes of the debate surrounding a health care overhaul.
  • Pediatrician Describes Efforts At Computerization
    One of the big hopes of health care overhaul is that the U.S. will get its health care system computerized. A Maryland pediatrician, who last March described her concerns about computerization, discusses how things are going now that her practice has switched from paper to bits and bytes.
  • Babies And Dogs Make The Same Classic Mistake
    In addition to drooling and walking on all fours, both young infants and dogs sometimes ignore what they see with their own eyes and instead trust a human "teacher." Dogs may have evolved this trait to help them live with people, because, as a new study shows, their wolf relatives don't make the same mistake.
  • From Dull To Droll: A Comic Makeover
    Comic Judy Carter took it upon herself to find the most serious person she could and teach him to be funny. Her target: Capt. John Heinzel, who trains naval officers and cadets on the history of the Civil Engineer Corps.
  • California Edges Ahead In High-Speed-Train 'Race'
    California's ambitious 800-mile high-speed-rail network is 13 years in the works, making it a leading contender in the race to win federal funding. But some critics question the need for the project, which could cost close to $45 billion.
  • High-Speed Rail Skeptic Outlines Position
    The Obama administration has pledged billions of dollars to jump-start a new, high-speed rail system in the U.S. Supporters tout the potential savings, but the program has many skeptics. Eric Morris, a researcher at UCLA's Institute of Transportation Studies, says the benefits don't outweigh the costs of high-speed rail.
  • Battle Lines Drawn In Maine Same-Sex Debate
    Opponents of gay marriage have cleared a threshold that sets Maine as the next battleground in the ongoing national debate. On Nov. 3, voters in the state will be asked to consider repealing a same-sex-marriage law that was due to take effect this month.
  • Letters: Health Care, Corrections
    Listeners respond to the story on how consumers purchase health care. Noah Adams and Robert Siegel offer two corrections and read from listeners' messages.
  • Dobro Player Rob Ickes Takes A New Highway
    Blue Highway founding member and 10-time IBMA dobro player of the year Rob Ickes has just released an album of jazz duets with pianist and grade-school music teacher Michael Alvey, titled Road Song.
  • Afghan Election Fraud Allegations Examined
    There have been widespread allegations of fraud in the Afghan presidential elections. Ambassador Tim Carney, who led the U.S. Interagency Electoral Support Team to help Afghan authorities produce a credible election process, says the allegations of fraud are credible, but the process will ultimately winnow the fraud out.

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