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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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  • Annan Urges Olmert to Ensure Cease-Fire
    U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan arrives in Israel, hoping to solidify the tenuous peace in Lebanon. Annan will be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is under mounting criticism over Israel's conduct of the war against Hezbollah.
  • Armitage Was Source of Plame Leak, Book Says
    A forthcoming book by journalists Michael Isikoff and David Corn suggests that Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State in 2003, may be the missing link in the story that has been called "Plamegate."
  • NASA's Hide-and-Seek Game with Atlantis, Ernesto
    Tropical Storm Ernesto prompts NASA to make an unexpected reversal -- literally. This morning, NASA officials started pulling the Space Shuttle Atlantis off its Florida launch pad as the storm neared. But officials this afternoon changed their minds, and started rolling the shuttle back out.
  • Ernesto Worries Lake Okeechobee Residents
    As Tropical Storm Ernesto bears down on Florida, one vulnerable population is the 60,000 people who live near Lake Okeechobee. A recent report found that the dike surrounding the lake could fail. An upgrade project is on hold because of problems found in a contractor's work.
  • Finding Hope, Frustration Along the Mississippi Coast
    Residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast are slowly rebuilding their homes. Some are heartened by signs of progress and hope for stronger, better communities; others are frustrated by the pace of recovery and fear over-development.
  • Novel: 'The Emperor's Children' in New York
    Alan Cheuse reviews The Emperor's Children by Claire Messud. It's a novel about a group of young New Yorkers and their struggles with family, work, and love.
  • 'Black Watch' Play Depicts Scottish Soldiers in Iraq
    Scots have long formed a disproportionate percentage of the British military. Now a play is depicting the soldiers' recent work in Iraq, where the famed Black Watch regiment has been deployed for three years. Black Watch, based on interviews with returning soldiers, suggests a crisis in the British military.
  • Bush Tours New Orleans, Promises Change
    President Bush visits New Orleans on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting the city and the Gulf Coast. He toured parts of the city and met with local leaders. "We have got to give assurance to the citizens," Bush said, "that if there is another natural disaster, we will respond in better fashion."
  • Faith-Based Volunteers Help Rebuild Gulf Coast
    A year after Hurricane Katrina, many homeowners in Gulf Coast still haven't received insurance money or government grants for rebuilding. Much of the reconstruction work in Louisiana and Mississippi is being done by faith-based volunteers.
  • The Shame of Katrina Hangs on FEMA
    Commentator Andrei Codrescu says the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina was a national shame. He blames FEMA -- and mocks it for still posting key jobs for crisis managers as late as this summer.

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