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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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  • Ryan Tries To Draw Out Pennsylvania's Red Side
    Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan campaigned solo in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, one day after campaigning with Mitt Romney in New Hampshire.
  • Biden And Ryan Share Faith, But Not Worldview
    The views of vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan are strikingly different, but both espouse the same Catholic faith and are reaching out to Christian voters. Their views, which represent opposite wings of their religion, are a reflection of the growing divide among Catholics.
  • Jet-Lagged: NASA Engineer And His Family Are Living On Mars Time
    It's an experiment to make the whole family feel a part of the Mars Curiosity rover mission. And they say it's been magical.
  • Ethiopia Faces Uncertain Future After Leader's Death
    Ethiopia's prime minister, Meles Zenawi, has died. He was 57 years old. Meles was reportedly being treated at a hospital in Belgium. He came to power after leading rebels and overthrowing the country's dictator in 1991. He was a key U.S. ally in the war on terrorism, but was also increasingly authoritarian.
  • China's Increased Investment Upsets Some Pakistanis
    China is the one country that is looking to invest in Pakistan in a big way. But that has upset militant nationalists in southern Pakistan. They accuse China of trying to be a new colonial power. A recent bomb blast near the Chinese Consulate in Karachi underscores the rising tensions.
  • Boston Plans For 'Near-Term Risk' Of Rising Tides
    In Boston, scientists are predicting that climate change will lead to dramatic sea level rise, and more frequent flooding, around the city. Officials are studying the potential impact on roads and sewers and are asking waterfront developers to plan for increased flooding.
  • The City As Engine: Energy, Entropy And The Triumph Of Disorder
    The second law of thermodynamics is a kind of warning to cities and civilization. No matter how clever we are, disorder, waste and pollution will always follow from our work organizing societies into cities.
  • Saltwater From Gulf Invades Mississippi River
    All the dry weather means there's less water flowing through the once mighty river into the Gulf of Mexico, and low outflow means saltwater from the Gulf is creeping in. Some Louisiana cities have already begun purchasing drinking water, and now New Orleans is at risk.
  • Janka Nabay: The King Of Bubu Music
    Forced into exile from Sierra Leone, Nabay now makes his mysterious, mesmerizing music in Brooklyn.
  • Obama Stresses Education In Ohio, Nevada
    President Obama campaigned in Ohio on Tuesday. His message was personal and aimed at college students. The president said he too had been saddled with student loans, and that he understands the burden and the value of education. He also criticized his Republican rivals Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for supporting a budget that would make deep cuts in Pell Grants and other programs important to young people. Melissa Block talks with Scott Horsley.

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